Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DBS - My Wish Came True, Took Profits

DBS tanked and my birthday wish came true. I received too many thank you messages since yesterday. Most of them made thousands in just 1 contra day. The most important thing is we shorted yesterday before the Dow Jones tanked -238 points yesterday. Today DBS tanked and we locked in some short term profits first.

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In fact, I gave a Whatsapp alert to all my SOMM on Monday to look out for shorting this counter. DBS was so bearish back then and indeed, the sellers were unforgiving. The profit taking with distribution with many gaps are the killer for the buyers where they could not breathe. Sellers took control and command. The rest is history. Thank you everyone and congrats on making your thousands!

Eventbrite - Register for my stock calls event

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