Tuesday, July 4, 2017

OCBC - Shorted @ 10.94 High

Since I posted the triple top on OCBC spotted and detected, it had created quite a number of views on that particular post and many took actions to short it. Attached is a trade record of the shorting record on OCBC right at the peak at 10.94 before it tumbled all the way to close at 10.72 yesterday. The unrealized profits is now at $2200 with 10 lots which is really not bad for a 2 day job.


OCBC was weak after it gap up and shot up where retailers were chasing on 29/6/2017. At that moment, I saw spotted some triple threat action from the BBs where they were looking to lock in some profits and hence price tumbled today from the high of 10.95. The fluctuations were huge and the buyers got so tired that they gave up because of the sheer selling force. I will be trading with my traders later today and for those who wants to learn short term trading with me, you can register for my personal event next Tuesday July 11th at the orange button below.


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