Friday, July 27, 2018

Falcon Energy - 1 on 1 LIVE Execution

Traded 5.7 million shares in Falcon Energy last 2 days and the stock ran today with a good news where they sold off CH Offshore. In the morning, I was observing the Top Volume and the stock looked almost ready and suddenly the big volume came in to whacked up the shares in fast speed where the price for the first time went above 0.04 after such a long time. The high was 0.043 and that's where some unloading action started. The abnormal volume with such a powerful run has seen it's short term hay days as it's a signal for locking in profits instead.

I was pleased to be able to conduct a 1-1 LIVE and executed this trade LIVE in front of my client where he was impressed but more importantly, he saw it live how the 1 lot markers worked during the marking stage to the running stage. Although he did not trade or acted with me, but still at least one gentlemen saw how I traded without hesitation and got the job done. Thank you and looking forward to the next trade.

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