Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Singapore Straits Times Index - New Tariffs From Trump

The market was strong for the past 2 days. For the 2 days, the STI recorded almost 80+ points and it was such a good run where many stocks ran a lot like DBS, OCBC, YZJ, etc..The Dow Jones had also been running for the past 3 days until this morning, close to 8am where Trump announced his new tariffs plan on China which caused the market to spike down. The Top Volume stocks were all in red because of this news.

Everything was on track for the bulls. The STI closed strong yesterday and the Dow closed equally strong last evening, but mishaps do happened at unexpected situations. In this case, the STI tumbled -50 points and washed off everything that was built for the last 2 days. Will this be another volatile period? I shall need a few more days to weeks to assess. Come for my talk next Tuesday, I will share with you on how to see the funds movements based on Big Boys analysis. You shall learn a lot there. Register below.

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