Monday, July 23, 2018

Falcon Energy - 1 Lot Marker

Saw some powerful 1 lot marker in Falcon Energy today as the stock suddenly had fierce big buyers eating up the shares. As shared and highlighted on my Saturday event on how powerful the 1 lot market was, today is a classical textbook stuff of how it works. I am pleased to those who came for my talk when I shared this.

From the time and sales, the 1 lot marker was dead obvious as smart money was signaling. In fact, it wasn't even in the Top Volume earlier in the morning but because of the 1 lot markers, the stocks was heavily bought and the stock got pushed from 0 to the Top 30 Volume. Click below to see my morning screen captured for the Top Volume.

Got 1500 lots at 0.035-0.036 earlier and the stock just had this continuous eat up action where it hit a high of 0.037/0.038. This is a penny stock and a risky counter but the reward is high if one got it right. Hence, I will be giving another talk on how 1 lot markers work and how to see smart money movements in my next talk on August 2nd. If you are interested, can register below.

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