Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Coffee Consulting Session with Ronald K - Instagram

I will soon be doing a coffee consulting session for anyone who is interested to trade the US market like the Dow or the US stocks. It's going to be a private consultation where it won't be held in the office and I will announce the location in my Instagram account. If you want to take a look at your portfolio or if you have holdings on certain stocks that you want me to take a look, this free event is for you and I will make it private and exclusive so you can ask me anything under the sun.

I want to teach you how to decipher the chart that is so good that you won't commit the same mistakes over and over again just like the Dow chart on how to read zones between buyers/sellers as attached above. Before I provide this service, please click the below link and add me in Instagram first as the details will be announced there. Promise me that you will practice looking at the stock charts after the private consultation or don't even attend. Use the below link and add me or search me at stockmarketmindgames in Instagram.

Eventbrite - Register for a Talk on How Funds Trade

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