Monday, July 9, 2018

Capitaland - Tug O War

There is currently a Tug O War between the buyers/sellers for Capitaland as both of them are fighting for a spot on who will emerge as a winner. On one hand in the morning, the buyers emerged and was willing to take in higher price but now it seemed that the sellers were in control and putting prices down to lower levels near the opening in the morning. In my talk about how Funds trade next week, I will be show LIVE examples on how to use simple charts to see where the equilibrium is and how to enter a good trade when property stocks were grappled with cooling measures.

See the 5 minute chart, it was full of opportunities and signals on the long side earlier in the morning. There was less supply and demand came in. Unfortunately, Capitaland rose too quick and reached a short term supply zone where it suffered some selling. Come for my talk next week and let's chat there. Register using the below button.

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