Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dow Jones - Effective Trading on Long

The Dow Jones looks like it's going to sell down at one glance but as a cautious and mindful trader, one has to watch that critical wall for signals before deciding to short or long. Hence last evening, one of my top traders went long on the Dow and managed to secure profits from it while closing his trades at 11.38pm.

As I have years of experience trading US stocks, Dow Jones and Singapore stocks, I know sometimes bad news is good for the market to go long at bottom while good news is for the BBs to unload at the top. Look at the recent Apple bad news last Friday which caused the market to sell down but to only realized it recovered strong last evening. Hence, never be too biased on the bull/bear side since most of time, we are only trading and not investing. I believe to be successful in trading, one must be able to switch fast when condition changes and never be too concerned on the long/short side.

Studying this trade from my student, he's really good in trading and know how to set his cut loss, profit levels and target levels properly. He's on his way to make another $30,000 this month where he already made $28,000 last month. Impressive. Congrats! See his impressive wins last month on the link below.


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