Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Small Talk In Malaysia - A Foray into Johor Bahru

Just reached home as I had a very long day in my home town Johor today. Had a talk earlier in the morning and afternoon where I had no time to watch the market nor scan any stocks. Whenever I am back in Johor, I do my best effort in sharing as I want to help as many Johorians to achieve whatever they want in trading/investments. It was one of the most pleasant experience I had as it's my first time going back to Johor to give a talk. I am pleased with the attendance but more importantly, many of the Johorians signed my course and my course for Johor is now almost full.

I took a selfie with a gentlemen as I am very grateful that he drove 2-3 hours from a small town just to come and listen for my talk. He's such a nice guy that made me want to help him even more and correct him on his mistakes. I am going to go back Johor again soon this month and this time round, I shall bring some gifts for all of them since they loved listening to my talk. Although it's really a long and tiring day but helping them really made my day. So looking forward to the next trip there.

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