Friday, November 9, 2018

Dow Jones - Shorting The Right Outlook

Before I flew to Malaysia today, I posted an important outlook at the airport to all my Dow Traders. My flight was 5.30pm and I shared my before market precision outlook with them at 4.28pm that the Dow would turn red today as it reached the supply zone with sellers while the game plan was to look to short when the market opens.

Not only did I shared the outlook with my Dow Traders, I also posted in my Instagram story where I asked whoever wants to trade with me, DM me. A lot replied to my DM and I also shared with them my outlook there.

10.30pm, market opened, the Dow Jones started to tank and many of them shorted the Dow with profits as attached above. Some shorted earlier while some shorted late. It doesn't matter where they shorted because the outlook and direction was down and the game plan was to just short when market opens at the supply zone. As per my forecast at 4.28pm, the Dow indeed sold down and crashed while many of them reaped good profits on a Friday night. As weekend is approaching, I got everyone to lock in profits and enjoy their week rather than holding the shorts over weekend. If you are interested to make $ and trade with me, follow me in Instagram on the link below.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist