Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dow Jones - A Ronald K Sharing and Trading

The Dow Jones started to simmer off with sellers right after market opened. The US China trade war good news that was released earlier at 1pm yesterday afternoon gave the market a stabilizing push but it wasn't enough because the Dow Jones hit a critical supply zone thereafter and started to encounter strong sellers which were locking to take profits and hence started to fall.

Last evening, I hosted a super impromptu private sharing session at a public location where I started to gave a speech and shared with many of them on how I traded the Dow Jones and make my strike every night. I prefer less people as I would rather take a 10 man army than a 100 men soldiers. I am pleased not only mt prediction on the Dow came true on the short selling side but many of them learnt so many things that I don't think they will ever forget.

Shorted the Dow at 10:00pm and covered the shorts at 10:30pm with $1600+ profits which is not bad for a 30 min job. Everyone was happy but the thing which drive me to do this very private event is when the positive energy was strong and everyone was eager to start trading and making $. Looking forward to the next trade. If you think you are game for trading the Dow and wants to profit with me, do let me know. I can drive you to hit your profits and target at a different stratosphere as compared to what you are doing currently.

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