Monday, May 11, 2020

Medtecs Intl - The Leading Medical Stock in Play

The leading medical stock Medtecs Intl is in play again today as it tops the Top 1 in the Top 30 Volume. The stock got sold down last Friday after I did a Instagram LIVE session where one of my trader shorted at the peak and took profits at the bottom. Today some rebounding actions took place where the stock looks like there might be more sellers waiting to be emerged soon.

The buying was weak and there was a lacked of strong buyers and also the sellers were watching at the back waiting for another chance to sell. The rebound today could be short covering or it might be just some small buying. Other medical stocks did not lead the pack as compared to Medtecs Intl and so if I want to trade any medical stocks, this should be the one but do note that it's in the restriction list so the risk is equally high too. For more information on my LIVE Instagram, you can follow me on the link below.

Update: May 11th, 2020, 2.40pm

Medtecs Intl indeed suffered some selling and the sellers indeed emerged!!!

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