Thursday, May 14, 2020

SIA - Got Much Worse Today

The SG market sold down today as more and more sellers are emerging and the selling shoudl intensified soon. SIA being the weakest stock at the moment just continue to sell down as the stock gap down today even further. More jobs in the airlines will be lost and more salaries shall be cut. We used to think that blue chips like this would never have such things happened, but the unexpected just happened and I am sure more bad days ahead for the airline industry. Results coming out for SIA after market today, so becareful for those who are holding.

SIA gap down lower today after my blog post yesterday. The SIA MCB and the SIA Rights continue to tumbled big time today and looks big value. The MCB crashed 80% while the Rights tumbled 30%. The more share dropped 6.5% and it's really a junk stock in my personal view. More troubles spell ahead and this is a stock I won't be buying even though it's cheap because the cheap might go cheaper. Be careful of your investments.

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