Friday, July 31, 2020

Ron K: July 31st, My Conviction and Another Big Trade Accomplished

They say a good watch makes a man and after copious amount of trades, I am proud to say that it's very true and I would want to continue to wear my 2 tone 1675 whenever I trade because it brings me luck and also some unexplained confidence when I gun the market. I got my confidence from reading the manual I wrote many years ago by practicing and using it to execute the market at critical turning points. Combined the watch and the manual together when I trade, I just have that pin point conviction which I can't explain. So far so good as the watch and manual brought me extreme and bountiful profits which $$ can't buy.

I was in a cafe yesterday working on scanning stocks and shared that I will be doing another trade soon. Indeed, the time came sooner than ever which was last evening where I traded another million $ down when the Dow Jones started to rebound. Sometimes I set a goal, share in my social media and hold myself accountable so that I keep a promise to myself and all out to perform with no excuses. It seemed as though I am so used to trading millions now and my next target should be something out of my comfort level. I want to suffocate and suffer so that I experience explosive growth where the sky is the limit. Can't wait for the market to open. 🤩😍

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