Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SembCorp Marine - Profits Made by Shorting

Sembcorp Marine continued to tank down today and the stock just did not show any signs of rebounding from the chart. Hence during LIVE trading today, some of us started to book partial profits from the stock while others were riding on to the shorts on this trade. We shorted based on the bearish Whatsapp given on 28/7/2016 and until today, the stock hasn't recovered a single bit. Click and see the July 28th Whatsapp below.


I will be covering more on shorting soon and I am still trying to arrange a Whatsapp talk if you are interested in my Whatsapp since I have many email requests asking me about it. Stay tune and visit my blog everyday. I will post the registration button once I have the details confirmed. It will be a sell out event and I will demonstrate more on how to use CFD to do shorting. If you are interested to learn short term trading and make $ with me, don't miss out this talk.

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