Monday, December 9, 2013

Hang Seng Index - Getting The Outlook Correct = $1857.52

Getting the outlook right for everyday is more important than any technicals/fundamentals. That's what I have been doing for myself almost 3 years ever since this blog started and when giving is caring, I shared my outlook almost everyday to all my students in the SMMG Club so as to give them the correct directions and not to make silly mistakes and lose unnecessary $. So what did I do this morning? I gave my "No Long" outlook in the SMMG Club as early as 7:00am in the morning and thereafter I went to short the Dow Jones as early as 7:04am. Giving a call is easy because talk is cheap, but taking an action doesn't mean you will make $$ even your call is correct! I am now back from my holidays and super rejuvenate and recharged.

So after making $$ in the Dow Jones, it was the time to test drive the Lamborghini in Hang Seng. Oh my, my outlook was uncanny!! It yielded me $1608.57 in almost 24 minutes of trading with one silly loss and mistake I made by getting too impatient. I paid the price of $323.96 but it was a good loss to keep my mind alert and mindful. I am not god or super, I still make losses but all my profits will cover for this mini loss and if I continue what I am doing using Mind Analysis which I will teach in the Stock Operation Course, I will continue to churn and make more $ !!

I am super blessed and can't complain no more. Made $1857.52 in total with Dow and Hang Seng. As per promised to myself that I will end my day with good amount of profits as mentioned in my earlier blog post: "Nothing beats making $$ early in the morning right after wee hours of market starts and I shall end today with good amount of $.My day indeed ended as of now. I have to wash up, get ready and prepare for my meeting. Looking forward to tomorrow's Advanced Chart Reading Program and Wednesday's Stock Operation Preview!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator