Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rowlsey, Geo Energy - An Almost Impossible Task

Today I made 2 superb amazing calls on 2 counters to all students in the SMMG Club and also in the form of an SMS at the Phillip Office. As you can see, there wasn't any computers or charts I viewed. All I had was my mobile phone with the Buy/Sell Queue. It was also an almost impossible task for me because both counters were unrelated respective to their own sector and industry. However I was able to pick 2 stocks not in top 30 volume from obscurity and brought one of them to the front in the limelight (Top 30 volume) which was Rowsley. I saw some peculiar activity in the buy/sell Queue which ignited my curiosity and also it was a challenge for myself to see how much more amazing stuff can I do and yes I am proud to say that I did it! The most important thing was, students did NOT cause the breakout to happen as they punted small lots as seen on the SMS to my PAs above, it was the BBs themselves who created the breakout activity.

First off, lets take a look at Rowsley. A call was given at 2:23pm and the SMS was sent out FREE of Charge to students at 2:47pm. At 2:23pm, I saw some switching of the Queues which then concluded my analysis that the stock was ready to move higher. The most amazing thing was when the SMS being sent out, and within a few minutes, the big buying volume came in to snap the sell Queue which then caused the price to soar 1-2 pips higher! How could I made such a call with such precision timing at the correct moment? Why don't I make a call on Tues or Mon or last week but today? When I gave previews, I usually tell the crowd I don't watch volume because it's a lagging indicator as when the volume comes in, it's a little too late already. What I want to achieve is to buy at the precision timing right before the BBs and NOT together with the BBs. So when the BBs start showing hands by creating the big buying volume, I am ready to sell to them since they helped pushing the prices higher. 

Yet another amazing moment also materialized when Geo Energy started to breakout right on the same time as Rowsley after I made my call!!! The question is these 2 stocks are totally from different industry and sector. One is doing coal mining and another is doing property. To picked both that ran at the same time and the precision moment is an art and something that I continue to strive for. Doing things that most people thought it was impossible but made possible by Ronald K. Of course, since I knew Geo Energy would run, and to put my practical test to see if my analysis and theory worked, I punted a small 100 lots just to make sure I traded and produce results. Giving a call without executing the trade is like talking with cheap shots. Trading involves emotion and it doesn't mean that if you give a right call, you would make $$.

Whatever it is, I am happy today not because I made $750 bucks, but more importantly I have once again accomplished the impossible task of stock picking with trades executed to prove my analysis. Picked a black horse and brought it to the Top 30 Volume. Picked 2 stocks that ran on the same time with different industry and sector. To pick one to run on the very same day was already very difficult, and to select 2 where it ran at the same time was almost an impossible task. Students made $$ and more importantly, all these were accomplished without a chart!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator