Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stock Operation Course February - Almost Sold Out

With the constant superfluous of sign up rate from the public for the Stock Operation Course, the February Stock Operation Course is almost sold out. I am left with a few more seats before I hold a major event that will benefit students. It shall be something no one had ever done or accomplished. Stay tune and watch out. Here, I would like to thank all for trusting me and I will continue to do my best to assist all of you. Thanks for signing up and thanks for believing in Ronald K.

This coming February Stock Operation Course, as mentioned in my earlier blog post, I shall share my winning success and secret formula on how to trade the indices as an extra topic on top of stocks speculation. I am confident the things I share shall not be found in books and it's mostly based on my personal experience with the market. Attached here is my trade records for the Dow last Friday night, it was scary but still I managed to reap some $$.

There won't be any stock operation preview during this December. The next one is next year. However if you are interested in the course, you can still sign up by sending me an email.

For those who are interested in the Stock Operation Course in February 22nd - 23rd 2014, kindly send me an email to with your Name and Mobile. Thank you!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator