Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yuuzoo - Hidden Selling at 9:24am, Intraday High

There was a saying, sell first before the bulk and major selling occurs and that's what I did, selling at hidden selling and avoid that avalanche of selling that happened later. Earlier at 9:21am, I got my PA to send out whatsapp messages to all alert all clients not to touch Yuuzoo anymore as hidden selling was detected where sellers were slowly unloading into that strong buying the past 3 days.

The stock today reacted from a high of 0.325/0.33 as of what we see today. Of course, I am happy for all who made $$ but I am even more delighted that my software was able to pick up such accuracy. So far ever since I made the bounce call on Monday March 2nd, my calls in Yuuzoo was 100% hit rate. From Jan 7 to Jan 27 till today where I long and sold was all on the high and low of intraday! This time round, I decided that instead of posting in the forums, I rather give this call to all clients in the private student forum and whatsapp so everyone can avoid doing unnecessary silly actions.

Yuuzoo's chart was just simply predicted from start to finish in the short term. Coming next Wednesday, I will share my secrets on how to make forward prediction in the next cycle in Yuuzoo, so please don't miss this one time sharing! Thanks to those who registered and you won't disappoint with this upcoming sharing.

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