Thursday, May 5, 2016

Jumbo - 500 Lots Down with Market Depth

The market depth for Jumbo revealed many hidden gems and powerful information. I don't watch market depth but to be able to see buyers and sellers doing their stacking is a plus. It's not compulsory but it's me who loves to explore new ways to trade. Longed 500 lots of Jumbo at 0.475 and to see that it went to a high of 0.49 was a plus for me too. It means my prediction was correct and what I see earlier in the morning was spot on.

Testing the supply and demand for Jumbo is equally important when doing big trades. In this case, I won't say 500 lots is very big but it's enough to judge if the buyers were strong or if the sellers were stronger. I will share more on the circled oval circle in the 5 min chart of Jumbo during my private event next Tuesday. Will Jumbo continue to soar? Only time will tell and I am waiting for the Big Boys to reveal their buy/sell intentions soon.

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