Wednesday, May 25, 2016

S&P 500 - 2nd Base Built

The S&P 500 continue to rose a second day based on my first outlook last Friday. In my first post for S&P 500, I predicted that in the wider spectrum, the index was going to rise and it's rising now. Click and read my first bullish post on my S&P 500 and see how I make my prediction.

Today's rally was based on the 2nd strong base built and because of this strong accumulation, the S&P 500 had to rise because the preparation work was well done. The rise now should hit some selling zone soon before we see some mini selling and after the mini selling is over, I expect th S&P 500 to rise further. Let's see if my analysis is right in the coming days.

I will be sharing my strategy and how I do my analysis in the US and SG market next Tuesday. If you are keen to learn from, register below.

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