Saturday, January 12, 2019

Explosive Stocks in SG Market - The Strategy and Outlook Shared, Course Sold Out

It was a hot weather today where I was in the office sharing some stocks and strategies on the Singapore and the US market. It was a lot of people and since it's the new year 2019, I wanted to show more and give back more to the community with more food and quality strategies shared. Today I shared about the Singapore market and how the past 6 days, the market had been trending up and also the US market where the Dow Jones had moving higher and higher. I also shared and gave some stock tips for the coming week and here, I thank everyone for coming! See you soon!

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Update: 12/1/2019

Thanks for everyone who signed my course. Due to high demand, it's fully sold out now and the next course will be on March 30-31. I will share some outlooks and tips during my course and please bring a pen to copy down the secrets.

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