Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Yangzijiang - Student's Record, Bought and Sold

Not my record but my student's. It's a intraday buy/sell record for Yangzijiang as the stock climbed up suddenly with quite a number of buy calls from major brokerage houses. I remembered right here on this blog, I also did a bullish coverage on Yzj but alerted that although the stock was bullish, it's subjected to high risk since it was suspended before.


Not everyone can take high risk and hence for those who are willing, you can trade it using the strategies taught in the course. From the collections to the high volume breakout, today was such a day that the stock continued to move higher even though I thought it was time to take a short simmer. I am happy for her since she used my public analysis on this blog to make $$. Congrats!

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