Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dow Jones - Fed Cut Rates by Quarter Point

The Federal Reserve cut rates again! Indeed, as posted earlier on my blog that the Fed would do a rate cut again, they indeed cut rates by a quarter point and it sent mixed signals to the market where traders did not like it and send the Dow Jones collapsing about -180 points. Even Trump himself did not like it where he just tweeted.

Using DBS as a benchmark to determine the direction of the market, it was easy to predict tonight's selling in the Dow Jones. And since one can predict the movements, then it's easy to short tech stocks or the Dow Jones itself when the market opened earlier at 9.30pm. Click below to see my post where I used DBS as a benchmark to know that the Fed would cut rate.

I will share more on how I do prediction using the short term trading cheatsheet for those who are interested to find out more on how to trade effectively. Interested parties can register on the link below.

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