Saturday, November 21, 2020

Xpeng - Made $12,111 After Coffee Session Tips with Ron K

Another impressive win from Mr Tan ever since he had a coffee session where not only I gave him some pointers on how to improve and breakthrough himself but I think the tips on Xpeng where I shared with him during the coffee session further gave him higher profits last evening as the stock went really crazy with super high running speed. Mr Tan made $12,111 in just 1 contra day and at the age of 67, he is still thriving and working hard on all the assignments I gave him but the one thing I like about him is his work ethics and determination to make the rain happen even he cut some small losses those days. I am so glad that the coffee session was valuable to him where he was able to use what I shared and what I gave for his own personal breakthrough. Click below link to see his coffee session with me for numerous times.

Quit His Job, Trade for a Living and Made $30,000 This Month

Then soon, more traders joined the fun where they traded using my strategies and milk more $$ in the market. Benson, 62, another superb trader which traded 75 times and only lost 1 time after attending my course earlier this month. He's a total newbie amateur trader where he has never traded using charts before and to see him performing at such quick and high standards while still making almost $30,000 with just 1 losing trade, I am speechless or I should I say I am dumbfounded and lost for words. AT 62, traded 75 times in the US market and lost just 1 round? That's simply amazing to be able to focus and concentrate all the things I shared with him and use it effectively in the market per night. He has since quit his job and is now a full time trading. November is not ended yet and he already made $30,000? I give my hats off him. If you would like to make $$ and see some great stocks, follow me in my Instagram account at @ronaldkstockmarket on the link below.

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