Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cosco - Shorting With Ronald K. Target Price Reached!

Cosco has been one of the hottest stock in the last 4 trading days. It has been climbing everyday and many wants to know where is the ultimate target price and where would the Big Boys look to book profits. For myself, I was also in a searching mode, looking for the peak price to short this counter and make some fast quick cash. After some studying on the charts, I managed to find it. It was around the 0.515-0.535 selling zone range as posted on my blog @ 3:06pm today. Click below link:

Within the next few minutes, what I saw was unbelievable! The sellers emerged and our shorts @ 0.515 at the top was SPOT on, with only a small lot size to showcase that perfect timing is more important than price. We shorted before the breakdown @ the hidden selling area. 

In this case, this student of mine which only has $1500+ in his CFD trading account as shown on the screenshot above was able to make $250 unrealized profits which is really very good for a 30 min job. What I am trying to prove is, you don't need to have a lot of $$ to make more $$. All you need is a sound plan, a scalable strategy which works in all time frame and the perfect timing skill with the right stock to trade. I call this the poor man's strategy. While most of us are not hedge funds or cash rich with a lot of money, I invented a strategy that one is able to make a lot of $$ using just a minimum sum of $1500. If you like to know more about this powerful strategy, email me at

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