Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to Beat the Big Boys by Ronald K - Make Good Short Term $$

The Stock Market is made up of Big Boys and Shrewd Operators and hence I am not interested to follow their buy/sell activity because the tendency to lose $ is high. My goal is to be 1-2 step ahead of them so that they follow me instead of me following them. If you want to make a lot of $$ short term, this is the only way to do it and I teach this powerful and one of the kind strategy.

I will buy at the hidden buying point, let them piggyback me and sell when I see their obvious buying activities and since they have to financial muscle to do so, my job is to sell into their breakouts. The strategy is as simple as it gets, no trends, no volume and no need indicators. All I need is just a plain simple bar/candle stick chart. See my above trade record from Alliance Mineral and the illustrated diagram/charts of what I meant. If you are interested in Beating the Big Boys, you can add me to my personal Facebook Page

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