Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Private Whatsapp Workshop - Come Learn Contra Trading

It was a insightful sharing session last evening. There were many stocks I shared and strategies I revealed hit the heart of most Singaporeans who traded Singapore stocks. Now they know why they lost $$ and why the stocks in their CDP account will never be able to grow and make a good return. If a stock was stuck in your CDP account for years, don't expect it to make you a killing. Instead one should look out for other opportunities to grow your $$ rather than continuing to hope a stage come back for the wrong stocks you chose. It's important to let go the past or the future will not present itself.

Coming this Friday, I will be giving and sharing out simple and powerful strategies to aid you in short term trading to make good $$, just like how $23,500 was made in parkson retail yesterday. Click and see below.

I don't expect you to make $23,500 but rather $500-$1000 a week will be a more realistic figure since most of you do not posses the skills yet. Once the skill is shared and imparted, you will see why is it easy to make $23,500. The workshop details are per below, register Now!

  • How to use CFD DMA to trade good penny stocks
  • How to long receive Whatsapp Alerts and act on the right timing/price
  • Select the right stocks for quick Contra trades and make $ in 3 days 
  • How to achieve $500-$1000 a week doing stock rotation

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist