Saturday, April 23, 2016

FREE Stock Trading with Ronald K - Registration First

There were a lot of people coming for my sharing session last evening. Here, I would like to thank all of you who make your way down and come listen to me and learn from me. Yesterday, I shared many wonderful strategies but more importantly the trades that we did collectively as a group this week with mostly profits. From Anchor Resources, Spackman, China Everbright to IEV, it was hella week for me and my team. Please scroll my blog page by page and you shall see our records one by one.

Coming next Tuesday, I am so fortunate to have a room. I will be hold a registration workshop where if you are interested to have a chance to trade with me, I will only take in 15 hungry, serious people who wants to make $ with me. In this event, I will change the way how you trade and approach the market with an all new powerful strategy just like what you saw on the attached screenshot of how my client made $$ with a simple technique on Alliance Mineral where I managed to enable him to throw away Technical Analysis and use a method which is more accurate.

As usual, the event is normal sold out and full house. If you are interested to make $$, hungry for a knowledge but more importantly change the way you trade to increase your chance of winning in the case of the above sms on Alliance Minerals from a client, I will help you so. However, you will have to help yourself first by registering at the bottom.

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