Monday, April 18, 2016

Parkson Retail - Made $ The Next Day After Course

One day after my April Stock Operation Course, I received a number of people who made $$ in Parkson Retail today. I covered Parkson Retailed during day 2 of the Stock Operation Course and yes, most of them got the job done and made $$. When I see these messages in my private forum, Whatsapp and SMS, I can only say I did a wonderful job on imparting the knowledge and skills on the key fine points of the K Time to those who attended the April class. The unfortunate thing is I have many students in the waiting list for the June and July course while my next course is in August. The pleasing thing is everyone benefited and most can make $ on the spot because it's simple and easy to understand.

Well, during May, I will take a much needed break from the market and work on something else. During this period of time, I will still conduct private sessions and workshops but I may not be updating the blog so often. For those who are interested in the course, send me an email with your name and mobile number to

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