Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vard - 500 Lots Unloaded, 0.19

Unloaded 500 lots of Vard. The stock revealed some buyers today with a strong surge where it was time for some fast quick profits since the breakout was conducted by some Big Fish. Long 0.185 and sold 0.19, it was a good $2500 profits within Contra. Yet another winning trade after so many wins in stocks like SGX, Anchor Resources, Parkson Retail etc..

Many people asked me for an earlier course but it's all fully booked and the next one is in August 20-21. The good thing is you will have a chance to learn from me and before August course, we can make $ first. The down side is you will have to wait because many students paid for the course 3-4 months back for June - July course. I am glad the people who signed for my course last Tuesday made some $$ even before the course already. Congrats all!

All I can say is tomorrow is the day I will be giving everyone a chance to make $ with Ronald K. See ya'll there, be early as there will a lot of people. I left 5 seats now, after that it's all gone!

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