Friday, April 22, 2016

Anchor Resources - Round 3, Attack Team, We Sold at Peak, 0.129 / 0.13

It is a good Friday today and yes as usual when I make a promise to myself, I will do my very best to deliver it. This morning I made a blog post saying that I will make $$ and yes, we just made $$ on Anchor Resources again but this time round with my Attack Team where we finished our trades in a short intraday 14 minutes. Longed at 0.123-0.125 and sold at peak when it reached 0.129 / 0.13! The Whatsapp was from my phone and it was sent out to all participants in my attack team. There was a shift of plan with the initial plan was to go short until I observed the overall market with a superb stock, Anchor Resources.

As usual, watching the buy/sell Q was so crucial in my day to day trading and punting. But more importantly, to select the right stocks to play is definitely a big challenge. Look at the market now, Anchor Resources is only one of the very few who has many pips up to trade. From a low of 0.118 to 0.129, there is 10 pips for trading today, while others are not so easy to trade. The timing for my Attack Team's entry is 9:14am and the exit was 9:28am which we did not long right at the bottom but it was more on the right time which is so much more powerful.

While most other trade based on price action and traditional Technical Analysis, I trade based on time. It's like looking at the watch and see the right time and enter based on any price when the time is right. It's definitely not your usual way to trade but that's how I get the high hit rate on a per day basis. Combined Market Depth and the right time, the results are astonishing as seen on the trade record. Anchor Resources, from morning when it was no 17 to now no 1 was just superbly cleverly crafted with patience. What do I mean? I did not give the Whatsapp call on 9:01 or 9:07 but its sharp on the dot at 9:14am with the stock not suffering a single bit of reactions/selling. From 9:14am to 9:28am, the stock just rocket in 1 straight linear fashion as seen on the minute chart before meeting sellers at 0.13. Well, mission accomplished and job done. I am so happy that my hit rate for Anchor Resources is a 100%.

See all my blog post on Anchor Resources yesterday and in fact, I even gave a LIVE buy / sell call here on my blog. See ya'll tonight for the Whatsapp Workshop!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist