Sunday, April 24, 2016

CAD Investigation on Insider Trading and Market Manipulation - Read This!

The news came in citing that the CAD is hammering down on market manipulators on four major brokerage house for insider trading and breaching of the Securities and Futures Act. All suspicious remisiers were taken for questioning where documents, phones, and laptops were seized for ongoing investigation. Now the news is hot and viral in the media now and if you are interested, you can click the below links to read more.

Now, what the news reported was already a fact and it's already out for everyone to view. On the Straits Times, 5 companies were listed and I had captured the chart above for learning purpose. Studying the chart revealed many tell tale signs that the stock were due for investigation but the question was when? IHC, Zhongmin Baihui and Koyo Intl were easier to read because they all had some form of uniformity activities before SGX issued a trade with caution warning message and the stock went into a spiral down mode. Terratech was a little trickier but from the chart, there was always some form of 1-2 days breakout wonder before the stock suffered more selling subsequently. While the toughest to spot was CEFC Intl because there was simply no tell tale signs that the stock has very obvious market manipulations.

Now, it is very easy to spot and pick the right stock and not get caught in the act a sudden
breakdown / questioning from the authorities. The question is how do I reduce my risk of picking the wrong stock so that my investments is safe? Many years back, I used to believe Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis is the only 2 skills that I need to acquire in order to sharpen my stock picking skills. However as I trade over the years, after losing so much $$ and having to go through some up/down cycles, I only have 1 simple question in my mind. If I picked the wrong stock and buy, no matter what TA/FA effort that I put in is going to be useless because the stock I pick was already wrong so even though I buy, it's not going to give me the return I expected. And then there is the question where there are 1000+ stocks in SGX, so how am I going to know which is the right counter to play so that it gives me a winning edge against the rest of the pack? How can I select a stock without reading the chart one by one everyday, so that I can reduce my time and effort thus increasing my efficiency and productivity when it comes to selecting the best stock that outperforms in just under 1 minute?

I know it sounds impossible because that's what I taught too in the past but finally after my years of hard work and effort, I found the holy grail. I mean, if you go through my blog post for the past 1-3 months, you can see that we traded many stocks and most of the stocks were meticulously and carefully hand picked by me personally without compromising the supply/demand factor when we traded. It's not difficult to pick stocks but rather I found a proven step by step process of how to do so. It's how much you want to learn and how hungry you want to succeed. So this coming Tuesday, in my one time workshop, I will illustrate my stock selection process for those who wants to learn from me. I will do this once so if you miss it, you miss it forever. Interested parties can click the button below, fill in your name and your email and then click submit, I will see you on Tuesday and do remember to bring along a pen and paper to copy my stock selection process! Register now!

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