Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Copy Ronald K Trades Talk - A Open Up Service Last Evening

Conducted a sharing session on my highly anticipated Follow The Ronald K Trades Session last evening and I am pleased with the number of people who attended and signed up for the Copy Trades service. During the session, I also went all the hassle to get some food for everyone to enjoy during break time so that everyone can see LIVE on how to copy trades work. I am happy that everyone enjoyed the session and took back something so that they at least know how to follow my trades closely when the next time I executed a trade.

Here, I am also pleased to announced that the November Stock Operation Course is fully sold out and I have closed all registrations. The next course intake is next year Jan 27th - 28th as highlighted on my blog with seats already taken up and reserved. Very soon, my January 2018 Stock Operation Course will also be sold out soon as currently there are too much demand coming in. Thanks for all who signed up.

I got too many requests for my talk lately and hence, I decided to open up another session to share more on my Copy Ronald K Trades service for those who are interested to join. The session will be next Tuesday September 26th for those who registered. Registration button is per below.

Eventbrite - Copy The Ronald K Trades Talk

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