Monday, September 25, 2017

Raffles Medical Group - A Bullish Whatsapp Alert

On September 18th last week, I gave a Whatsapp alert on Raffles Medical Group. At that point of time, there was some serious collections on going and the effort of trying to break through the wall was very strong and hence the next day, the stock hit a high of 1.145 before simmering all the way down to 1.110. Today, the stock suddenly had a surge in very strong buyers who ate shares up at 2 levels which caused more uproar in the stock where prices reached almost the same high as of Sep 19th.

I am bullish on Raffles Medical in the short to mid term as I believe some good news is about to released with such price action in the stock. Study the 5 minute chart and you will see big buyers came in and studying the longer picture, it tells you the stock is near bottom. In the short term, expect some fluctuations but it's overall on the way up.

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