Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LIVE Trading with Ronald K - Trade Records, Good Wins

Did another LIVE Trading earlier just now and oh god, it went well. YZJ just moved higher, Rowsley just went further and Hi-P just broke out further. Most of us have locked in profits and congrats to my mirror team who followed my trades. Today was a better trading day than yesterday while yesterday was pretty stagnant even though the Dow was up 200+ points. The STI is currently in the negative territory but still, some stocks outperform and ran. Those who came LIVE Trading today, I gave a stock YZJ and as of now, the stock flew and it's trading at 1.475 where most of us who entered made $$. Raffles medical, another stock just broke out higher to 1.135 after my blog post!

I will conduct the next LIVE Trading session when I have the time. Don't miss the next session as we shall trade together LIVE!

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