Sunday, September 10, 2017

September Trade Records - A Good Month Trading and Learning

I am so touched when I see this Whatsapp message from one of my student. I see the improvements and I see the focused and determination to make trades happen. The buy/sell queues together with all the other Big Boys Fundamental knowledge was the key for him to make $3800+ in the early month of September where he only traded 3 stocks so as to stay focus.

I am building more and more such self reliance traders and during these 2 months, I had found a few good potential skillful traders. They are just lacking of some simple knowledge and experiences with the BBs that's all. Skills can be polished, knowledge can be acquired but guts and conviction is something self made and it's hard to come by. Hence, in the process of building the Ronald K Alpha Trading Team, I am looking for quality personnel with character and conviction to facilitate good trades to come. Stay tune.

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