Thursday, September 7, 2017

Watching Top 30 Volume - The Ultra Scanner

I will soon create a session for those who expressed interest to learn from me to come watch the Top 30 Volume with me. The Top 30 is an important tool in my arsenal in picking the right counters for trading and investment and hence to be successful in trading, one must be able to select the right counters using the Top 30 for bullishness/bearishness. I will also cater lunch and food for those who are coming just so that we have ample time to mingle around and trade together.

Look at the above snapshot of the Top 30 Volume this morning, it was an important capture with so many good counters like Cityneon running today. For those who are coming for my next Tuesday Whatsapp talk, I will share with you how to register for this session so that you don't miss it. Other than that, don't miss opportunities in the market as the market presents many opportunities for making $.

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