Saturday, September 16, 2017

Follow Ronald K Trades - A Session by Registration Only

It was an enriching session last evening where I shared instructions and did a briefing of how to copy and follow my trades closely so as to profit from it. Yesterday, we traded First Resource and SembMarine where both stocks performed and we made some good intraday $$. Click below to see the link.

Suddenly, I have a lot of request for people who wants to follow my trades and hence I decided that on Sep 19th this month, I will do an event for anyone who are interested to come and register for the "Copy Ronald K Trade Talk" where I will be doing a sharing and briefing of how the whole thing works. The most important thing is in trading, we need to know our entry and cut loss level and stick to it than hoping and trading on greed. I am also confident that I am able to pick stocks before good/bad news is out just like my Cityneon Whatsapp alert below.

There will be a lot of people and hence it's based on first come first serve. So the people who are not interested, please don't register. Register only if you are serious about trading and making $. If you had came for my preview before many times or if you have registered many times in the past and never turned up, I will delete your registrations. Students no need to attend. Market has a lot of good opportunities and hence I only take in serious participants who are hungry to succeed and make $.

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