Tuesday, September 12, 2017

LIVE Trading with Ronald K - SPH and Rowsley

It was a long day earlier in the morning as I did my LIVE Trading and some mini coaching where I shared a stock like SPH that it was going to tank before the price really tanked now and also a stock like Rowsley, where it will be still stagnant until the BBs hop in to support prices. As of now, the market is react accordingly to what I predicted and thanks everyone for coming for my LIVE Trading session just now. It was also a day where I see one of my students made like $1600 in 1 Contra by trading Spackman last Friday and locked in profits today. After the LIVE Trading, I went for an interview and shared my thoughts and philosophy in trading which will be published next month so read it when it's out.

In fact, I posted my market outlook this morning and I know what I should do during LIVE Trading and that's to follow my game plan on the outlook of the day. As per my outlook for the day, the market indeed gap up, suffered the sell down and then slowly creeping back up. Hence, it's not wise to chase and buy stocks in the morning but instead look to take profits and stay neutral first. I am gald my outlook materialized once again.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist