Thursday, September 7, 2017

Starburst - A SOMM Whatsapp Alert

Sent out a Whatsapp alert on Aug 28th to long Starburst as the stock looks bullish with some collections. Since then, the stock had been slowly moving upwards bit by bit with careful buyers not wanting to move the stock too much. As the north Korea tensions built up, Starburst just continued to inch slower but the direction is up with more buyers eating up the shares. Today, it has reached almost a previous high of 0.435 before suffering some short term reactions now. Here, I congrats everyone who went long and made $. $2400+ is good $ considering that this trade was done within 1 week plus.

I have almost enough registration for my Whatsapp alert talk next Tuesday and once the registration is full, I will close registration to avoid too many people. Thanks all for your registrations.

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