Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rowsley - After Aug 23rd, Simmering Action

On Aug 23rd, I sent a bullish Whatsapp Alert to all participants that Rowsley was under collections and the stock would be running on that same day. Click below to see my last month post.


The next day, the stock shot up to 0.124 from 0.109 and I made almost $100,000 in one Contra day where I posted my record LIVE on this blog on the link below.


Since then after my last Whatsapp alert on the bullishness on Rowsley, the stock had been simmering down and down for almost 2 weeks without any fireworks. Studying the daily chart, the stock is currently in a trading range without any price movement and in the minute chart, it seemed as though it's hard to past the 0.118 level as there were several attempts these past 2 days to break above 0.118 and failed. The stock is going to have a big news coming but I am cautious on the direction. I would watch closely for more important clues for the next few days like the collections and flushes before deciding my next course of action.

It's a good stock to make $ but it's important to hop in at the right time. Will send a Whatsapp alert should I see the readiness to run.

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