Friday, September 29, 2017

Raffles Medical Group - Whatsapp to Lock in Profits

Raffles Medical Group is coming down at the moment as the stock hit a supply zone and started to sink. Before what you see now where the price is at 1.12, on Monday it, I had already sent out an alert to lock in profits. See my Whatsapp alert when I sent out when the price was 1.105.

So what did I see that others don't which allowed us to lock in profits near day high on Sep 25th? After locking in profits, the stock went higher to 1.16 before simmering and started to tank. The profit taking combined with the 3/4 top was the key to this trade. Most retailers sell when everyone is selling but in my years of experienced, that's a wrong thing to do. The right way is to sell when price has reached a critical supply area. I am pleased that all made $$ in this trade ad some even before my course starts. See below link.

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