Saturday, September 9, 2017

Rowsley - What's Next for Peter Lim and Thomson Medical

I will be revisiting Rowsley closely next week because the 2 months deal for Peter Lim to inject Thomson Medical into the company is almost due and he has to sign the contract to seal the deal. From the chart, it looks like a flush is in the making where the first breakout was a long bar and then simmered down compared to the second, weaker breakout zone where it's more sustained before it experienced some reactions yesterday. The supply/demand zone in the 5 minute chart also revealed plethora of information on the stock's readiness to run where the BBs deliberately stalled a big run because of wanting to accumulate more maybe?

Upon checking the market depth and the buy/sell queues, it also revealed it's unwillingness to run for this week where the queues did not flip but instead stacking ferociously to avoid any rampant up in prices. So now, next week is a crucial week where this stock would take flight if Peter Lim seal the deal or may not run if he delays signing the contract. Before any runs, there would normally be a flush first and queues flipping followed by big buyers whacking up the shares. I will form my mirror team next week and hope everyone can hop in together with me on this stock @ the right time. Have a great weekend. :)

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