Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yanlord Land - Company Shares Buy Back, News Released 6.38pm

Yanlord announced Company shares buy back last evening at 6.38pm. This stock was quiet yesterday due to some hidden buying from the insiders so as to accumulate the shares at low prices between 1.775-1.79. This is an actual and factual news that was released on the SGX website.

This morning, the stock suddenly gap up on this piece of good news where buyers were very strong suddenly. From 1.79, it climbed all the way to 1.84 high before taking a simmer now at 1.82. The top Volume revealed that the stock was one of the actively traded stock today and prices was moving fast. As usual, I was able to spot the stock at the bottom before the price moved. See my post below.

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Yesterday at 3:01pm. I posted in my private forum that the stock may have reached a temporary bottom and may distribute up for the short term as I discovered on going collections and flushes which add on bullishness to the stock. In fact at 4.06pm, I sent a Whatsapp to my group and told them that from the buy/sell Q itself, there was inside people buying and slowly accumulating the stock. The buy/sell Q was too powerful at that moment not to be missed. I will be doing a sharing on the buy/sell Q soon on how to see those actions taking place LIVE.

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And the rest was history. Some students locked in profits while others are holding on to the trades and looking for swing longer. Here, I congrats all who made $$. It was a timely call as most of us can buy at the bottom yesterday between 1.775-1.785. There was ample time to enter for this trade and it's I was surprised to see the stock gap up and run in the morning with my precision observation. Moving on to the next one. If you would like to buy/sell with Ronald K, I will do an event next Tuesday and you can follow my next trade just like Yanlord. First come first serve only.

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