Stock Operation Course Summary

This stock operation course is designed to give students a better view and understanding of market dynamics, the inner workings of the Big Boys, psychology and reasons on why the public always get slaughtered and lose out & how to time your entry as close as possible to the Big Boys.

In my opinion the average investor is like a chicken, unaware that he’s about to become a broiler. Awareness usually comes from an accumulation of errors, not however in the case of the investor. Decade after decade he continues to attribute his losses to either unpredictable economic circumstances or to his own incompetence. Yet in reality those investor’s losses are caused by the elaborate controls exerted over the investment process by the big money Insiders of the Exchange.

This course is targeted for those who are interested in following the action of the Big Boys. There are no traditional indicators involved nor fanciful drawings needed. Most investors will probably never be able to profit in this chicanery Market unless they learn to look at the market as a merchandising operation in which the force of supply/demand plays an important factor on human psychology.

Playing according to the rules of the game that has been rigged against them, investors have failed to recognize that they are the victims of Stock Exchange Insiders, who unknown to them completely control the movements of stock prices, as well as the movements of investors into, and out of the market place.

To sum up, if an investor wishes to profit from the market, he/she must scrap traditional approaches and learn how to time his/her transaction so that buying/selling only takes place when big buyers are buying and sells when they are selling. No previous knowledge or tools are required for the course. Paper and pen is all that is needed.