Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Noble Group - Shortists Killed

I was very skeptical to take a short in noble yesterday because I saw a panic in the price. My friend was asking if I am shorting to hold overnight and my answer is no. Many would have shorted when the price in noble started crumbling yesterday to only realize to cut loss this morning. Today noble rebounded and of course I was not injured because of my mind reading skills. It's better not to go through reactions than getting slaughtered for nothing. :)

Noble: FY2011 Net Profit Down 29% To US$431.3M.

28 Feb 2012 17:25
Noble Group Ltd continued to reach record levels of volume and revenue during the year ended 31 December 2011. Volume and revenue rose 19% and 42%, respectively, in FY 2011 compared to FY 2010. Total operating income of US$1,577 million, the second highest in the Group's history, was driven by the growing Energy Coal & Carbon Complex and Oil, Gas & Power divisions in the Energy segment. The largest investments, such as sugar mills in Brazil and coal mines in Australia, are building output strongly over the coming years, boding well for group performance. Net profit of US$431 million, illustrates the ability to manage risk exposures in even the most volatile of markets while continuing strong volume growth...
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School of Mind Game Course

Due to really high demand, I am taking in students again. However, it shall be on a first come first serve basis. I will close my course in 1 month's time from today after I made my blog post. Email me for the course fee, however just to let you know, it won't come cheap. I don't need this sum of money from my course because I can make it from the market anytime. It's the value, quality and exclusiveness that I am after.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

STI - Deviate

While a lot of public were looking to short yesterday, I was cautious and being very paranoid with the whole situation. While I saw the market tanking down and felt like taking a short position, my experience and memory refrained me from doing so. From the way I look it at, it could be all panic selling. I went long instead. Although I could have made money on some counters like Noble, Ezion Holding, Capitaland, etc..I prefer to stay sideline and follow my judgement and that was to long the strong ones. I am a short term speculator and am interested in making money on the very next day, if not the next 2-3 days. I am not interested in very long term view. So if I were to short yesterday, then today I shall be cutting losses.

Today, the market will rebound a little. With too many shortists shorting the market, the chances of the market going down is a low because the BBs know what the public is thinking and will first need to bring prices up to distribute more before allowing it to drop further. To long is also stressful because at higher prices/levels, there are many sellers. The best course of action is to stay sideline, of course one is skillful enough to select the correct counters.

UPDATE 28/2/2012 6:48PM.

STI rebounded after my post in the morning!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Noble - Out For the Moment

Last Friday as I was testing the market with real money, I got an answer from the market that Noble was indeed really weak. Of course, I went short with any price I could get. It wasn't the highest price on Friday, but doesn't matter because at least I was in short positions because I knew today(Monday) I could make money. Today, when the market first opened, I wanted to take it first thing in the morning at 1.375 - 1.38, but what happened was Cityindex platform was swinging from left to right and vice versa. It cost me some $$, because 1 pip was $1000. Did anyone of you experienced the same thing since last week? I was complaining non stop and still no resolution. Should we lodge a mass complain together?

Now like I said, I got no targeted price for Noble because I react to market conditions. When market conditions is weak, I better grab my profits first and observe further and vice versa. In my seminar, I told many that I don't stick levels and price targets in my mind, as it sort of crystallize my thoughts and it's hard to liberate from it. Maybe Noble will trend down later or it shall trend higher, whatever it is, I shall watch and take a position again but at least money in my pocket now.

Now I am here to not post my track record to show how much money I made or to show off. But I just want to be honest as being a real speculator as I do speculate everyday. The reason why I post my record is to show people my entry's and exit's and the speed of execution when it comes to cutting losses and taking profits. I do what I preach and that is I really have no target price levels. I REACT. By reacting, it allows me to be flexible and adapt to every single market conditions.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fat Fingers

I got to admit that I am an impatient and ready for action guy. It doesn't matter how much I loss or how much stress I go through, but I enjoy being in that "moment". Just when I thought I secured profits for yesterday, my itchy fat fingers caused me to lose it again. I was testing actively with noble and after cutting losses, I knew what the BBs are trying to do. Yesterday I cut a $1250 loss, today I cut a $0 loss when the market first opened. So finally, what are the BBs in noble was trying to achieve? The result will be out of 28th Feb, are they selling first or buying up? I will continue to test later to give me a conclusion.

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An Interview

I was being interview by SGMarketwatch recently. Read the entire interview to get a short glimpse of the conversation. There should be more interviews to come as I got a few lining up. However, I am pretty selective on the media. We shall see.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Trade Record

So far, I haven't made any major losses yet. As I was testing the market with real money to see where is the direction of the market, I realized during the process, it's best not to fear. Just punt and don't expect to win. The greatest mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the trade, one should not be thinking of whether it ends in victory or defeat. Let nature take its course, and your tools will strike at the right moment. If I lose, I gained an insight and experience, if I win, it's just another win, there is nothing to cheer about. That's my philosophy and mentality when it comes to speculation.

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STI - Blue Chips

It's time to rotate back to the blue chips and stay away from the pennies for now. Some pennies still have room for a rebound but one shall need to be very selective. The best is to put the focus on blue chips. I tested the market with some money yesterday and some of the stocks were already showing signs of fatigue. Wilmar and Noble are two of those. Today, I am focusing on the property sector. Watch!

UPDATE 23/2/2012 11:12PM.  

Capitaland closed at day low.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Student's Profits

I am really happy for the profits that my student made recently. I believed he made back all the course fee plus huge profits. Congrats Sir, I hope I gave you the confidence and guts to go big and the conviction to enter and exit a trade. With the market turning volatile, just be careful not to let profits erode. Preserve capital and I hope you make your first pot of gold soon. Hang on, you are almost there. :)

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STI 3010-3024

During my seminar, I gave a level for STI. I believed on my mind reading skills on that precision level that I shared to many. I even shared how I came out with that level, hope it benefited everyone. Those who shorted like yesterday or today, congrats!

UPDATE 22/2/2012 11:38PM.  

Saw the odd number theory I shared in my seminar? See the circled area. The BBs are one smart phalanx troops that managed to trick most investors mind! See the closing? It's 3025!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Profits All Secured

I am out of all my Mewah and Oceanus. I seriously don't care how high it trends later because at least I can now do my personal work in peace. While a lot of flamers continue to flame at me, I am loving every single bit of it because it tells me they are loving my blog or they won't be visiting everyday. I had wrote scripts from the very first day when I started my blog. These scripts allows me to track who has visited my blog and some of their personal information. So do I know who is anonymous? Oh yes, I do. I won't expose him because I don't want to embarrass him, I shall let him do his childish act and if I ever see him on my seminar again, he shall look very silly. For all of you who are reading my blog, never believe in any anonymous comments or comments from anyone else unless me myself posted it personally. It's very strange because all anonymous can do is to say I am out at 0.102 but he dares not put up his name or email address. So to my dear fans, never listen to anyone but yourself.

Now, I saw a lot of people having targeted price here and there. That's to me fatal because if one have a targeted price and levels, its fixed and rigid. What if it doesn't reach the level as targeted? Then it's hard for one to react when market conditions changed. Look at my Mewah trade, I was in at 0.66 which was pretty high, still I managed to get out at the day high today because seriously, I don't have any targeted price but only watching for turns. I think in this way, it allows me to be flexible and not stagnant. Oceanus might trend higher later and I might be in again later, but who cares, money is already in my pocket. It's safe for now.

Good luck trading all.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Ocenaus - Watch

Today I shall watch Oceanus and get ready to long Oceanus at the correct timing. This stock is pretty syndicated and cornered as I was studying it's unusual behavior for the past few days. So prepare to cut loss fast if you get at the wrong price. I don't know what is the correct price, but I shall react to whatever price it gives me.

UPDATE 20/2/2012 8:04PM. 

After my 9:08am post, Oceanus did trend higher. I won't say it rallied yet, but still money could be made. Like I said, I welcome all negative comments as I won't be affected by it because I would rather spent time perfecting a special skill than to flame others. 

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Enlightenment and Philosophy

Many people asked me how I know Mewah was going to rally the next day or so and how do I know? My answer was actually very simple. I experienced losses first, understand why I cut losses, be fearless and emotionless then have the conviction and confidence to punt back into the stock. I don't THINK why I made a loss, but I only blame it for my own actions and continue to move forward. To many people, they can't do it because confidence was lost and morale went down to the drain. However, fear and emotion is not in my dictionary. They are just feelings, it comes and it disappears.

I am not a magician nor a super trader, I am just a normal person like you do. Of course, what I had been through in my life made me a stronger and mentally tougher person. I don't ask anyone for tips, I don't ask God to give me anything, but I ask God for inner theme. I don't ask my teacher Robin for directions or why his method doesn't work on me, but I pay my own money to buy experience and losses to understand the game better. Just when everyone thought that charts are the most powerful tool for detecting BBs, I came up with a new strategy of detecting BBs without charts and to me, this is an artless art. Of course, I don't know how many people believed me, but those who seen it themselves was stunned. How did I discover this method again? Was anyone willing to teach me? Was anyone sharing? I don't think so. I learnt it by losing more money so to gain knowledge. However, I will share on my next seminar IF any. I can charge a fee, but I decide to give it free. I don't have time for everyone and I can't please everyone. My time is limited and I have no time for long explanation. When I shared in my seminar, if you grasp it, then it's great, but if you don't I can't help it either because if everything is simple then no one needs to work anymore. Everything is already free and what should one ask for more? If you think I am not sharing, refrain yourself from my seminar or blog. If you dislike me so much, why still visit my blog everyday and come for my seminars? I am going to make sure IF I am holding a seminar again, I will have more stringent controls during the registration process.

Look at the $10k losses on my Mewah, I was practicing a new skill and in the midst I paid some tuition fee. Who gave me sympathy when I made a loss? Can one go through the same process as me and don't feel a tinch of sadness and pain when they took a huge loss? I doubt so because when most people starts to make huge losses, their senses turned wild and became more eager to make back more money. That's fatal because the "eager" and "want" are the intangible elements which would tantamount to more huge losses. The only way is to learn to let go and start all over again. I am not rich and my account size is not very huge. I grow it from a small account to something I think it's acceptable today. So my point is, always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. To me, that's the road to success.

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STI - Panic?

I received a lot of emails asking me if the K Turn to short is here. Seriously, I don't know because I wasn't actively watching the market yesterday as I was in holiday mood, until 3.30pm when my friend asked me to watch a particular stock. He made me entered the market again. However, after buying on that stock, I was already out to shopping and wasn't really interested in the market. So my point is one needs to make his/own decision because the money and fate is in your own hands.

Yesterday 5.30pm, I saw a last min panic in the chart and so when everyone was shorting and selling, I know today all shall be disappointed. Of course, when I posted on my yesterday's blogpost "As for whether I saw the K Turn, that's not important anymore because I am not interested in making money in the short side now. ". I said I am not shorting means I am really not. So today, shall the market reward me for my long? I don't know and I don't care because like I said in my seminar, I only react, I don't think. Whatever the market gives me, I absorb. That's my K Philosophy.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mewah - Out

I am out on my Mewah in Cityindex and DBS Vickers. I don't care how high it trends later, money in my pocket first and I am back to my personal work. As for whether I saw the K Turn, that's not important anymore because I am not interested in making money in the short side now. I need a good rest and enjoy life. For those who came for my seminar and saw the target levels I gave out last Saturday? Is it better than what you see in newspaper or the news or forums? You guys can witnessed yourself on whether I am right or wrong. Good luck everyone!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mewah - The Art Of Timing

Yesterday, I was actively watching Mewah and Raffles. I knew Raffles was going to breakout first yesterday and so I took a small punt and was out. I am left with my biggest punt in Mewah. After Raffles, I knew Mewah was next. So without hesitation, I took a big punt on it. Of course before that, I tested Mewah on its readiness to move and in the process, I lost a few thousand on it. After losing that few thousands, I finally got it. I smsed Jack and told him Mewah will run today for sure and thereafter I whacked another 200 lots in my cash account to prove my conviction. Today when Mewah opened in the morning, it was not moving. I wasn't surprise because I knew before the end of today, it will rally for sure. I am very confident.

To prove my confidence, I called Oldman and told him my plan. I told him it will rally in the afternoon. You can see from the sms that he thanked me for my prediction. Now punting Mewah was a really test of patience, however, there wasn't any emotion involved. Just whack, be patient and it shall go. Today I am rewarded with a huge sum. I am not here to boast how great am I or how much money I made but to stress to importance in timing. One can get all the levels right but with the wrong timing, everything can go wrong.

For those interested parties, if you are interested to know why Mewah ran today, email me and I shall share.

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STI - 3000

Did we witness 3010 today? I believe many saw it. Is it time to short? I am still watching. I got huge positions and before it reaches my targeted level, I shall be watching for the K Turn. Good luck trading everyone!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raffles Education - Brokeout

Today Raffles Education brokeout, however I wasn't surprised because it was all planned by the BBs. Actually, I already told Jerry, Jack and a few others 2 days back to watch Raffles Education. However, today is the best day because it was ready to trend higher and so I decided to post it first thing in the morning. Today is the best day to buy Raffles Education because all emotions will be eliminated. It's like just buy first thing in the morning and it shall go. Like what I told everyone in the seminar I hate emotion, I believe this is what all are looking for.

Last week, when I posted on Raffles Education, an anonymous said this stock's rallying power already ended. By reading that comment, I know what kind of trader he is and his strategy. I call myself a market psychologist for a reason because all I read is BBs' and public mind. Well, today when Raffles Education brokeout, anonymous disappeared. I realized one thing, every time when the market or I proved some anonymous wrong, they disappeared. They dare not leave their name or email addresses down. That's fine with me, but it just showed me their mentality and their actions. All they can do is leave negative comments, but they can't prove and show themselves. Obviously they are here for some tips or trying to get a market outlook for the day. I will continue to welcome them but I suggest all to ignore them because it's a total waste of time to reply. One should spent more time studying the market so to gain experience and knowledge.

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Pennies - Raffles Education

I was watching raffles education yesterday and I believe it is ready to go. Today I believe those pennies that haven't rallied will take issue. Some with big percentage, some with small. I am selective and still not looking to short yet until that defining moment. Like I said in my seminar, I am trying to avoid those kind of reactions which would play with my emotion and patience. Imagine those who shorted on last Friday who either cut loss or took a small profit yesterday, the risk and reward ratio just doesn't favor one to take a position. Whatever it is, we shall watch,

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Monday, February 13, 2012

STI - On Guard

Like I was sharing in my seminar, the 89 points dropped in Dow Jones didn't worry me because it could mean some panic/profit taking. While many were looking to short last Friday because it came down, I was staying very neutral until I believe I saw the BBs short selling. Last Friday's action in STI could be just profit taking. Today, I expect the market to resume it's upward force. I am not sure how strong is it, but I am looking to unload my long holdings if market allows me to. I am not looking to buy anymore. I shall patiently wait for STI to reach my speculated target and when that moment happens, I shall watch for the K Turn to bet it on the downside.

UPDATE 13/2/2012 5:29PM. 

Market rally after I posted in the morning.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Market Outlook 2012 - Recap

Thanks for all who came for the seminar today. Hope I shed some light in my style of trading and the overall market sentiment. I will see if I can organize another event again in the near future, till then, enjoy some of the pictures taken. :)

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mewah - An Asinine Mistake

This morning when I woke up, the first thought was to long Mewah again, because from a psychological point of view, I think it is ready to go. I did went in to long and true enough it did brokeout a little. At the moment, I thought it was ready to go, however I saw something peculiar and decided to take my profit at 1k. The moment I took the stock went down and there after bouncing within the range. I made a really asinine mistake of chasing price when I thought it was about to rally again, of course, thereafter I paid for the price. It was a small price to pay but a big reward in advancing my knowledge and experience. Even though I made a 7k loss, I wasn't having a tinch of sadness in me because I saw something, something the public will never took notice of. I will share this in my seminar tomorrow and looking forward to meet you guys! Have a great weekend!

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STI - K Time

While I get a lot of flames, I am simply welcoming them, because without flamers, I wouldn't know where I stand. Last week, I saw a challenge, however I don't view it as a challenge. I viewed as a different personal point of view. Now anonymous said coming Monday STI would not close up higher however I didn't see that happening at all. Why did I develop the K Time? Because timing is the one of the most crucial element in speculation. You can get your levels right but if your timing is wrong, you are still bound to cut loss. I don't mean to mock, flame or say I am right, but just to emphasize the importance of time. With the time element added, my whole speculation plan is completed.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Securing Profits

This morning when I woke up, I knew I need to sell my Mewah. It's not a hunch but because I saw it wasn't acting right. And so, I quickly sold off all my positions. I am left with nothing now. Like I posted on my blog that I think Raffles Education was still bullish, I acted on what I said and still managed to profit from it. In my last seminar, I was showing how to be a speculator and I said something like do not let anyone attack you freely and openly. One got to secure his profits and react accordingly when things is not right. Don't think, REACT

See Yoma, it is tanking now. I don't have a evidence to show that I am very bearish on it but I was telling my friend that Yoma would go up the next day after Feb 7th 2012 and there after it would come down. Why is it so? I explained to him not in terms of charts but from a psychological point of view what the BBs are trying to achieve. He will be there in the seminar that day. If Albert Einstein once said imagination is more powerful than knowledge, I concur with that because that's what I had been practicing. Knowledge is important, but character respect.

I did not short Yoma because Cityindex doesn't have this stock. I will share all these in the seminar so listen hard and be alert.

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Raffles Education - Brokeout

I still love Raffles Education although it broke out yesterday. I got to admit I wasn't really paying much attention to the market yesterday due to my work. There was an increased of workload in my personal work so I choose not to hold many stocks. I would have spotted this counter before it broke out but well, it is still bullish in my opinion. We shall see.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Market Outlook 2012 Seminar - Arrangements

I just had a chat with Gill. He is arranging the necessary logistics for this upcoming seminar. There are too many people on the list and everyone is grabbing for seats. He just came back from his leave so give him sometime to do the necessary. I told him if possible, I hope to accommodate those who registered on last Friday to this seminar, however there is no guarantee since seats are pretty limited.

On another note, I am still bullish in this market, until I see huge profit taking and short selling. Moreover, STI hasn't reach the BBs targeted level yet, so all is good. However do take note to choose the correct counters or one shall be slaughtered like in Yoma yesterday and Artivision today. Be cautious.

UPDATE 8/2/2012 5:01PM.

Market rallied after I posted in the morning.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mewah - Hysteria Breakout

Today the one thing that came into my mind was to long Mewah first thing in the morning and that's what I did as you can see in the trade record. Yesterday after taking a 2k profit in Mewah, I realized a very bullish behavior that the BBs was creating in this stock. I did not long at the end of the day because I knew Dow Jones would react last night and yes it did. So I told myself, I will judge by the opening price in Mewah and it's readiness to go. When Mewah opened first thing in the morning, I finally saw it. I saw it wasn't moving, that's the signal to whack, and the rest was history. I will share in my seminar why was it so.

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