Wednesday, July 31, 2019

DBS - Top 30 Volume, More Sellers

More sellers in DBS after lunch. More and more down pour while the buyers seemed not being able to support the strength of the sellers. I am looking to cover my shorts now as I think in the very short term wise, it might have hit a demand zone. Good profits for intraday trading. Click below to read my early morning analysis.

Update: 31/7/2019, 4:03pm

More sellers and exodus of buyers. Very soon, the short covering process will start. DBS sold down to a low of 26.45! What a 50 cents gain in one intraday trading session.

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DBS - Heavy Gap Up, Then Suffered Selling

I am not sure why DBS gap up today early at 9am but after that major gap up, here comes the sellers, looking to lock in profits again. The Top 30 Volume until now still has DBS inside which means it's one of the most active stocks today. Some good news must have been released yesterday or earlier this morning which caused this gap up or there might be none.

Actually it doesn't matter because the signal is here, the stock gap up, and the signal to short sell was here earlier just now at 9am. As highlighted on my July 29 Monday's post, the signal for bearishness is very soon and its finally here today. :) If you want to short the best price in DBS, you need to be watching this counter everyday or do your homework everyday to know it's behavior so that you can have a winning edge against the retail traders. It's really soon, just 2 days later, the signal was the clearest today. Congrats all who shorted with me. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Supply vs Demand - Trading USA Stock Strategies

In this video, I shared Roku as a stock on how to avoid break outs and how to use supply /demand zones to your advantage. Watch the whole video to learn my tricks. Although I did this video some months back, still it's very useful for trading US Stocks using the theory on what I shared in the video.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Sharing Session - Big Players Move Stocks

Just finished a sharing session earlier with some of my secrets on how to buy on the left hand of any stock chart. I believe in any forms of price movements, it's important to know that it's only the big players can move stock because they have the financial means which also meant that for all the big caps to move up/down, the big funds must have muscle to move it using some news or firepower. Today's sharing was more on the big boys on how I motivate and drive myself to work hard so that money can work harder for me. Thanks all for coming and see you soon.,

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Ron K - Why Learn and Follow Me

I have got many requests from many of you who wants to learn from me. So if you are interested to learn and follow my trades, do send me an email to or check out my blog for years and years of trading records with profits and small losses.

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DBS - CD and Gap Down Today?

DBS gap down today. I am not sure why but with a good earnings and the company is issuing dividends, the stock gap down? I can only explain from the chart with supply/demand theory. Based on the chart, DBS has definitely reach a critical supply zone as highlighted yesterday here on my blog. Click below to read.

Thereafter with the good news and good earnings released, big players used it as a alibi to lock in profits while letting prices drop first to another attractive level before buying back again. That's the way how the stock market works. It's not buying into the good news but rather sell into strength. DBS is currently in Top 30 Volume with declining prices. It haven't reached that attractive level yet so let's see.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Ronald K - Fate Start Me at Bottom, Dreams Brought Me to Top

In this video, I shared a lot of my childhood stories of how fate start me at the bottom and how to develop aspirations and dreams which then brought me to the top. Unleash the power within you and never allow your poverty circumstances define you. It's not an easy road but if I can do it with perseverance and hard work, everyone can achieve it too with their own set of results. Watch the full video as I shared my rags to riches story.

Register for my talk tomorrow where I shared some of my trading tips.

Click to register for a Preview of my Trading Cheatsheet

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DBS - Record Earnings for 1H19

DBS posted some good earnings today. Many would thought the stock will have a big gap up but instead, it only gap up a little and started to sell down at the supply zone. Many used this news to lock in profits instead of buying the stock. From the daily chart, it clearly touched the supply area while in the minute chart, the stock gap up a little more above the previous high.

DBS had been trending quite strong for the past 2-3 weeks and I believe it's time to take profits for this counter first. I remembered shorting this counter but I have to lock in profits fast or my profits would have eroded by today. So when is the right time for trading this counter? I think very soon since the signal for bearishness is coming soon.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

NOL - A Step by Step Analysis on How to Read Future Movements

I remembered doing this video 4 years ago when I made a handsome sum of profits in NOL. In that video, I shared my detailed analysis of how NOL stock pries ran and then collapsed. You will learn a lot in this video so watch it for those who are into trading for a living like myself. Click below link to see my NOL profits where I made $100K++ in 4-5 days.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

6 Reasons Why I Love Trading Stocks More Than Forex

There are many types of asset class for trading/investment in the world but the one I preferred most is stocks. Why? Cause there are many advantages to it. Below are 6 reasons:

1. You can hold up the shares if the shares starts to drop a little. So if you bought a good stock, there is no need to worry too much about it.
2. You are a shareholder of a company
3. You might be getting dividends
4. It's lesser spikes and volatile as compared to forex
5. The richest man in the world and most other business man are investing in stocks.
6. If it's a good stock, you can hold it for many years as compared to forex which is a derivatives.

Above are the 6 reasons of why I love stocks but that's me. There are some other factors as well but I won't delve deeper since the 6s are the top reasons. Enjoy this video and see why you should start to take trading/investment in stocks seriously so as to grow your wealth.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

A Cheat Sheet on How to Trade Confidently with Contra

Contra Trading is one of the oldest strategies around and it has been in Singapore and Malaysia for many years now. Over the years, I had been trading very actively using Contra and discovered that by using simple techniques like the narrow bar and the ws, one is able to buy before a stock runs and sell on the rising price. More importantly, there is no need any outlay of capital to make some good returns in a short period of time. In this video, I had wrote down partial of my cheat sheet, so if you are interested, do come and meet me in person to grasp one copy with my signature.

Click to register for a Preview of my Trading Cheatsheet

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Stock Operation Preview - Sold Out

Just finished the stock operation preview in the office. Again, thanks for everyone who signed up today and looking forward to coach you guys soon. Today was a great day because after reaching Singapore, my first duty was to work and start sharing how to trade effectively in the stock market. It was 30 of you and I really hope you all took back some pointers I shared and looking forward to see you all in my private event soon. It's been a long working week for me and hence looking to drive more people to trade wisely with the right strategies. Here, I want to thank everyone who signed my course, it's now sold out.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Ronald K - Books I Read To Enrich Myself

In this video, I shared some of my favorite books and what makes my brain ticks. During my free time, I normally pick up some enrichment books to improve my business ideas and the way how I run my company. Learn from the best because they have already done and achieved it. Apply those concepts in your daily life and slowly you will adapt to the way how successful men work. Reading is useless, knowing is worthless but only by applying then you shall growth. Click above to watch what are my favorite books for reading.

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AEM - Trading on Steroid

What more can I say for AEM right? The bullish analysis I did and posted on my blog on July 15th was as accurate as it could be. Click below to see my bullish analysis made on July 15th

AEM got a small flush down first after my blog post and after that, the stock got well supported and slowly by slowly, it started to trend up all the way. From 1.05 to now 1.23 within 10 trading days, it was just simply an amazing return. The news just released last evening where AEM had a profit guidance and no wonder the stock moved. But well, my analysis was made on July 15th BEFORE last evening good news.

Study the chart to see how well supported and stacked up it was where the buyers were actually moving the stock up than selling it down. Congrats to those who traded this counter with me. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Updates on Small Account Trading for Malaysia Student - Up $3000 Now

I am extremely excited to see my fellow Malaysia student continuing his progress of making more $$ in the stock market last evening. Super good and it's a stupendous progress on his last trade. Click below link to see his last trade.

M.V, really happy for you and it's heart warming to see you continue success and foray to the US Stock Market. You are really an inspiration to the new comers and small time trader that if you dream hard and act accordingly on conviction and game plan, everything is possible and dreams do come true. From $1400 in your account, it's now up 110% to $3000 in such a short period of time where I am proud to have you as my student. You fearless and solitude attitude towards your goals combined with with focus in trading, you can only soar higher in your future trades. If you can turn such a small account to such good amount, it only reminded me of how I did it in the past. Wherever your attention goes, energy flows and results shows. I will see you in Singapore soon!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Malaysia Market Sharing - Strategies and Skills Updates

Super long day at work yesterday about 16 hours but it's one of the best ever work done because I got to help many of you and seeing many of them benefited tremendously. Many stock were rotated and shared for their outlooks while many strategies were repeated and shared again to reiterate the concepts of stock trading. I really love to give back in Malaysia when I see so many fellow traders wanting to succeed which only made me wanting to trade in front of all of you. Soon in August, when I have the time and room again and if time permits, I will try do a live trade in front of you using what I taught always made me profitable. See you all soon!

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Stock Preview In Malaysia - Sept KL Class Sold Out

Extreme busy day for me today as I did a preview and I am proud to say that my September KL stock operation course is now fully sold. There were just too many people and too many sign ups where I have to closed registratio now. Login and shared some of my recent trades where made me some handsome sum of profits. Everyone took back some notes and pointers from me as usual and I will be driving most of you to start your trading journey with Ron K. I will be back to KL again soon and see you all in another event soon.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sembmarine - How to Pick the Right Stocks for Trading

In this video, I shared how I picked the right stocks like Sembmarine which made me $8000 in 2 trades using the Top 30 volume to scan for stocks. In the world of trading, it's important to buy on declined price at the demand zone and then selling the stock on rising price when the stock slowly starts to take off. That's what I did for this trade in Sembmarine when the stock was rising and I started to unload and lock in profits. Watch the full video and learn the Top 30 Volume Trick.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist

Stock Operation Preview - Sold Out For September Stock Course

Another night of selling courses and this time round I finished selling all my September slots due to exceptionally high demand and now left with Oct 5th-6th slots which will also be sold out very fast as I have almost enough people already. Last evening was a super great session where so many more sign ups but more importantly, I loved the atmosphere and the lively session when I was doing the preview. Here, I just want to thank everyone for coming and hope all of you learnt something useful and beneficial for your future trades. See you all soon.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sunpower - Stocks I am Trading

I shot this video yesterday on the "Top 2 Stocks in my Watchlist" when Sunpower was one stock I saw it flew yesterday. The closing price as shown in the video was 0.515 and earlier today, it shot through a high of 0.535. It tells how accurate my analysis was where I picked the right stock at the right time and it just ran without waiting for no man. While I am waiting for nicer and clearer signals to re-enter the stock, the stock just moved higher as of now as mentioned in the video that it might trend higher.

Capitaland was another stock which I  accurately predicted it that it would suffer some short term selling where it did. Shorted and made some good profits on Capitaland instead. Hence, watch this video to see how am I going to trade Sunpower once all the signals aligned.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist