Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Midas - Eng

Eng, this post is dedicated for you! Remember what I told you last night about it's readiness to run today?

Watch Midas, someone is grabbing up shares!

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STI - Early Profit Taking

Well, yesterday STI trended up for the entire day, however I followed my plan and that was not to go long. Of course, there were stocks like Genting, Yanlord and some others that ran, however I was totally alert of profit taking that might take place which could cause a drop in price. It came one day later and happened first thing in the morning today and luckily I did not chase prices. When I say STI, I am speaking in context of the overall general market, not in particular to individual stocks. STI and SIMSCI futures are rather similar, so if you trade SIMSCI futures, you will have a better coverage on my blog.


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Yanlord - Dexterous Operator

Just when I thought Yanlord was about to turn to the upside on 25th July, the operator in Yanlord created a very insidious maneuver. He first gave an impression that the stock was about to breakout with 3-4 pips run to 1.265 before washing sales down to a low of 1.165 today and then made it resurrected to 1.23 again. So what's his purpose? I believe is to facilitate his buying campaign at attractive price levels. I got to take my hats off to this operator because he always surprises me with different ways to wash out the public. Same method, different ways.


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STI - Heaviness

It's not wise to go long on the market today. The market will first open green and thereafter it shall proceed by profit taking. Treat every rebound like it is weak. STI is currently saturated and heavy with sellers at the moment, there is no point going long because big sellers might appear anytime. Happy trading everyone. :)

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Email Of Apology

On March 23rd, I exposed an impersonator on my blog. However an hour later, I decided to remove the post and give him a second chance. On March 24th, he wrote me a letter of apology and I accepted it. Why did I do so? Because I never want to put his job and career into jeopardy as I believe everyone should be given a second chance to repent. I am not hurt or bothered by flamers because I totally understand I cannot satisfy and please everyone. If I am bothered by flamers, I could have disabled my chatbox and comments section to prevent all these, so why am I still allowing it? It is for my fellow fans to facilitate healthy discussions and sharing so everyone can learn and share opinions.  If you don't like me or have a problem with me, I can't help it, but I would rather you email or come face to face with me than being a keyboard warrior. You will have my respect for your courage.

If you try to do things behind my back, come for my free seminars, and then start spreading and flaming things which are not true that hurt my reputation, I will not hesitate to take legal action just to get you into lawsuit and put you into the limelight.

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Jesse Livermore - Rules And Principles

I am a strong believer in solid trading rules and principles. If one has a good method but not a sound money management rule, then he's back to square one again where money will be made and lost. Of course, my rules is a little different from Jesse Livermore but nevertheless I am beginning to incorporate some of his tactical rules into my game plan. I shall see how it turns out. :) Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jesse Livermore - Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator

Last night while imbibing some wine and enjoying the night scenery, a book on my book shelve caught my attention. It is "Jesse Livermore - Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator". This book was given to me as a gift from Eng during my last seminars and ever since I had been reading it whenever I got some time to spend.

Chapter 7 caught my attention where it talks about the adroitness, artifice, attitude and the street smart intelligence of great operators. It also mentioned about Jesse work ethics towards the stock market where he would study, practice and execute ingenious stratagem to see whether his judgment was right or wrong. Attached is an excerpt from the book itself. It's a short chapter but it's a must read for all who inspire to be a stock operator.

To me, this was all an important chapter because there were some highlights about probing, watching, losing and paying $ to the market to learn lessons and more importantly timing. All these are intangible elements towards becoming a hallmark stock operator and while we cannot do as well as BBs, we can improve our bargaining power and make good gains by selecting stocks they are shorting/longing and timing our purchases and sales to theirs. That in a nutshell has been the central theme of my strategy and blog.

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Yanlord - Mini U Turn

Yanlord could be making a mini U turn to the upside. Watch!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

STI - Debilitate

Looking at the situation yesterday, STI was in a debilitate mode where short sellers just kept putting out shorts non stop till the market drifted to a point where the supply turned weak. I don't think it's feasible to short the market today. That's my trading plan today at least.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Kepcorp - The Timed Gap Down

Last Thurs during the conversation with Chin on Midas, I also told him about shorting KepCorp as he was telling me that STI seems exhausted. Well, KeCorp indeed gap down on Friday and trended higher again to a high of 11.28. I am not sure if Chin holds through that reaction on Friday but I believe he made some profits when KepCorp gap down today or he won't be thanking me. Will KepCorp trend lower from here? I don't know but I shall monitor it's day by day activity.

Update 10.20AM, July 23, 2012   

Chin just sent me his trade records for his trades. Good work. :)

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

F&N - The Insider Trades

I was just browsing through some insider trades and one stock caught my attention and that's F&N. Looking at the major trades executed, most substantial shareholders bought this stock on 18/7/2012. Looking at it carefully, the price recorded on Shareinvestor was $8.88, however the high for F&N was only $8.34. So was there some discrepancies to hide their actual buying price? I don't know. All I knew was if those substantial shareholders bought on 18/7/2012, then on the very next day, they would suffer some percentage loss. F&N was halt yesterday 20/7/2012, so what could be the news? See the attachment. We shall see what happens on the coming Monday.

Anyway, just wanted to pointed out that, if one wants to buy a stock, it's always best to buy when it is ready to take off and not when everyone is rushing in to buy. :)

Happy weekend!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Midas - Finally Breakout

A day after I spotted hungry grabbing of shares in Midas by the BBs, today I was cognizant of any breakout that might occur. In the morning, I saw no activity, so I chatted with Chin. I told him that the moment Midas appear in Top Vol for today, it shall be ready for a breakout. And so both of us watched with scrutiny. At 4pm+, the breakout finally occurred. There was a massive grabbing of shares and that's where we saw the price rising. Today it closed at 0.37/0.375 and for the day it rose 7.2%. The rest was history.

I entered on a Tues, 17th July when I alerted that there was some absorption taking place. However it's readiness to take off was yesterday when the BBs grabbed a huge amount of shares. I was playing on contra and well I made it again before the due date. Attached above are my trade records.



As for all the comments, be it positive/negative that came in, thank you. Like I always said, I would rather spent time analyzing the market than to waste time on unnecessary stuff. I was rewarded once again. :)

Update 10.37PM, July 20, 2012  

My friend just sent me a link which edge magazine sent him. Midas is on the headline! Grab a copy tomorrow. :)

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maxi-Cash - Inactive Participation

I was just browsing through some charts and happened to pull up Maxi-Cash. Looking at the campaign conducted by the BBs, they are simply inactive and are not participating in any forms of rebound/rally. I will continue to monitor this counter because I believe there is some potential in this stock. Once it drops to a certain attractive level, I shall monitor the BBs' activity and decide its readiness to move.

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Midas - Watch!

Watch Midas, the BBs are hungrily grabbing up the shares!

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STI - Watch Till The BBs Short

Analyzing the chart of STI since the panic bottom at June 4th till today, there is no serious damage to the uptrend. Of course, there are profit takings here and there because who wouldn't want to take profits along the way? Looking at the STI chart, the uptrend had been very steady. There wasn't any major profit taking or short selling yet. When you think we reached the so called resistance, it surprises you by piercing through. That caught many short sellers and I saw many were cutting losses. I am a BBs follower, until I see them putting out major shorts, or else the uptrend shall continue. I will monitor day to day until deluge of shorts are released by the BBs. :)

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STI - Mini Gap Up

Yesterday I suggested that the market was resilient and alerted of shorts position if one is holding any. Today the market had a mini gap up in the morning which to me was profit taking as one can witness now. As for the market direction as of now, I am clueless. I won't be watching the market as I shall focus on my work. Happy trading everyone. :)


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

STI - Shorts Alert

I think the market is pretty resilient, beware of your shorts if you are holding any. I am not shorting for sure.

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Midas - Absorbing Of Supply

I believe Midas is currently in the mode of absorbing the overhanging supply, it might take time before buyers are ready to take the stock for an uplift. Look at Biosensor, it broke out yesterday and continue trending higher today, that's because the BBs have absorbed enough scripts to give it an upward push.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Midas - Profits Secured

I just secured some profits in Midas as it was too slow moving up the ladder. I will look to punt again when the time is ripe. As for now, I shall just chill and relax. :)

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Dow Jones Soared?

I think most at least learnt something from my seminar and take back some knowledge. Read the email, I remembered I told everyone during the seminar that Dow cannot be too green or it shall turn into profit taking mode in STI. So this is what we are witnessing right now as this moment. Dow soared 200 points last Friday but most stocks are coming off a little. Is that a valuable knowledge to know? Oh yes it is so that one would not be sucked into chasing and buying at the high. Congrats Alfred! You still remember that things I preached.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rumors And Tabloids

I was just replying to a comment this morning and something struck my mind. Recently I had been flamed. Well, I always tell my friends that it is all talks and comments, how would it hurt me when it doesn't hurt my pocket? Furthermore, I don't gossip about others nor do things that hurt anyone, so why flame? Do I owe them something? Did I flame at them? Why are they constantly visiting my blog many times per day when they loathe me so much? Of course I know what they are thinking in their mind and I won't fall for their tricks. Anonymous, like I say, you can keep flaming at me, no problem, because I am simply loving all the limelight and attention you had given me. I believe in karma, what comes around goes around.

All I want to say is this, if ya'll believe what you read in the comments section about me taking 1 pip profit or my course is expensive because it's 5 figures etc then there is no difference between reading a newspaper or magazines and absorb what was anyhow written inside. The public always lose out in the stock market because they believe the media story on prominent newspaper/magazines. Of course some are real and some are fakes but we never know the real intention behind. How can we judge someone when we don't know the person in life? In AGM meeting, the CEO can paint a beautiful story but how come the stock price keep plunging? Do you blame the CEO after that? Do you know what's his real intention? To tell ya'll the truth, I seldom read newspaper and I am not very knowledgeable. I always depend on friends if I want to know some news or reports. Articles published on newspapers/magazines are mostly rumors and tabloids because that interests the public and most are willing to pay money to buy and read it or else how can the media houses survive without the public supporting them? Think about it.

Take all comments and talks with a pinch of salt. If you believe what was said, then well I got nothing to say. If you think I am a bad person, so be it. I cannot pleased everyone, as long as I don't hurt or cause anyone to lose money, then my conscience is clear. Even god himself get criticized, so who am I compared to him? My preview should be coming soon, so if you believe what was written in the previous comments section, please don't come, I don't need your money for my course and you can spend it elsewhere. If you believe in what was written about 5 digits, please don't ever attend my preview session because that was what Anonymous wrote, NOT what was decided by my partner. If you believe in me taking 1 pip, go back and see all my past profits/losses and decide for yourself. Not many people post trade records in blog or elsewhere and I am one of them who do post because I believe in honesty and what you see is what you get. Ask other bloggers or educators to show you their trade records and you will encounter lots of excuses. CityIndex had all my trade history and they know I am for real when it comes to trading big lots. I don't falsify information because I believe in transparency to let others know what am I made of. Do you think CityIndex will work with me if I trade using demo accounts? Think about it.

So to my allegiance fellows fans, my point is very simple, do not believe in assumptions or conclusions based on what you see or read, they may be superficial and floating on the surface. Always do your own due diligence, homework and deep dive investigative work before making that final statement.

Update 7.30AM, July 14, 2012 

To add on my point, see the circled headlines. CEO can be accused of frauds and libor can be manipulated by banks' CEO too. Ain't these news juicy enough to suck the public to read? Are we reading the real story that was published? Do we know their intention? Do we know the CEO in person? Do I go flame and comment on the CEOs' actions? Based on my character, I don't bother because whatever it is, it is just a news published so as to gain traffic and readership. I don't know those CEOs personally and they did not hurt my pocket in any fashion. I believe in karma, what you sow is what you reap. As long as I mind my own business and do good then all outward things will take care of itself. I am a magnanimous person, so I won't hold against all the tawpie who don't know me personally and flame me. :)

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Friday, July 13, 2012

STI, Capitaland, TT Int - The Foolish Gap Theory

Most public thinks that once a stock reached a gap down area, it's a sure sell. Well, I will say that this is only 20% true. Of course that's my opinion and it might not apply to you. I label myself as a market psychologist for a reason. That's because I know how most public think and more importantly how the BBs operate. To say that a gap down area is selling is pretty general and delusional. There are only certain conditions when a stock reached a gap area would then it encounter selling to bring the price lower. However, there are some gaps which prelude real buying.

Look at Capitaland and TT Int, it had reached the gap area, however there were no signs of selling at all. So if you have shorted there, by now, you would have cut losses. Most public would have shorted there because to them, they saw a gap which indicates selling. Look at STI, it gap down on June 4th and I made a call not to short it and today we witnessed a huge rally thereafter. However again, for most public, a gap down is gloomy and they look to sell.


My prognosis for gap is simple. There are no hard facts or rules. Look for a deluge of selling/buying when it reaches a gap area. One must be very observant, pay fine close attention to mini details and focus with concentration. Ask yourself many questions during your thought process and when you see a swarm of buying, just buy with the flow and vice versa. That's how I did it at least.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Appreciative Email

I received another compliment email from a public. Well, I really appreciate those lengthy emails because of the time and effort taken to draft it out. All I can say is do what you think is right and do what you do best. Early birds always get their food with ease and laggards are always fighting and chasing.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

A Compliment

I received an email from my student and I am happy for his results and his progression so far. Thanks for the compliment. The stock market is like that, the one who is willing to take the risk at the bottom will make the biggest reward with less risk, the one who chases will make profits with more risk involved and the laggards who chase when they witnessed breakouts/breakdown will take the largest risk with least rewards. Why is it so? I will share it in my stock operation course preview which I believe is coming soon. The human mind is a very complex process and unless one understand and knows how to conquer it, will then he/she will succeed in his stock operation campaign.

To those Anonymous who says my course is 5 digits, expensive and taking on 1 pip profits, you can keep flaming at me. I don't mind because first you don't know how I analyze and zip in/out of the market and secondly you can only read my posts and never be able to decipher the mechanics behind. Well, I am just happy for my students who made back his course fee in less than a month and this is just one of them. Your comments and talks just boost my confidence level as it increase more traffic to my site which I truly appreciate. The more I read those comments, the merrier I got because your continuous visits to my blog tells me you are constantly thinking of me and waiting for my next post. Look at the right hand side of the blog under the most popular posts, the topic "Capitaland - A Small Little Profit" made it there which tells me the traffic was huge. Once again, thank you. I appreciate all your efforts :)

Finally, I saw that you are also looking for my trade records on my profits and losses. Oh well, sorry to disappoint you, this is my blog and I post what I like. I don't report to you and there is no obligation for you to visit this blog too. How much money I make and lost is none of your concern. I believe there are better traders than me out there that you should ask for their trade records.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Maxi Cash - Vanish?

Where is Maxi Cash today? I saw that there is some anonymous saying this stock invalidated my theory, distributed and accumulated again, if accumulating then why is it not participating on the rally when STI is doing so?? Where are they? Disappeared or because they saw the price breakdown and keep silent? Read the entire Maxi-Cash posts and the comments, they are truly hilarious. Time will give you an answer and sometimes it's good to just keep silent and watch. Don't make an assumption too fast.


Anonymous will always be anonymous, they always hide behind the screen. Well, it doesn't mean if you see a breakout or higher price, then a stock would trend higher. Understand how distribution works is all more important that looking for breakouts and chasing after higher price. Most public are only concern about "the moment" where I am most concerned about the BBs overall motive. All I knew was whoever chased this stock is either holding to it now, hoping it would go higher or they might have most probably cut lost.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GSH Corp^ - 2nd Leg Breakout

Wow, as I just witnessed, GSH was having it's second leg breakout!! Amazing! This stock is currently watched by many public. The axiom holds true, time your entry as close as possible with the BBs before the breakout happens. In that manner, money is not tied up and can be used to roll on other counters.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Absorption

I believe STI is currently in absorption mode to trend higher. The BBs are supporting it to avoid a flush down. I shall watch.

Update 4.34PM, July 11, 2012

STI was truly in absorption mode or it won't trend higher as of now.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Pennies Season

The pennies continue to take issues while most of the blue chips are taking a rest. Many asked me why don't buy pennies a month back, my answer to them is very simple. Pennies are different from blue chips, buy only when it's about to take off and only when the BBs are in. Don't ever park your money in something that is not ready to move yet where it could/might take years/months before it starts moving. Rotate it on some other counters where it will move with the general market. The stock market is all about timing. It doesn't necessarily mean if Dow Jones crashed, the pennies will follow. They have a different mechanism and behavior.

Congrats to Aven, Eng, YL, Feng, Stephanie and many others.  :)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

GSH Corp^ - Brokeout

I just can't stop thinking about the market even when I am on furlough. GSH Corp^ brokeout today, did anyone long? The BBs are real smart, they created a breakout faster than I thought after my last post on it.


Like I mentioned last week, this week is pennies play and I posted last week on some pennies to watch out for.


Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, July 6, 2012


I will go on a furlough next week. I might or might not post as it depends whether I have accessibility to the internet. Next week might be the week for the pennies to take issues, too bad I won't be watching.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Oceanus - A Slow Snail

Oceanus looks like a stock that is trending up, however looking at the way how the BBs cornered this stock, it might take some time before we see a substantial up move. If you longed this counter, be patient. Time and Price will manifest itself.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Thursday, July 5, 2012

GSH Corp^ - The Waiting Game

Analyzing and reading the chart of GSH Corp, I am cognizant of an upcoming breakout. There are some tell tale signs that the BBs are accumulating. Because accumulation is a slow and tiring process, I would prefer to enter the moment the BBs are ready. There is no point entering now because I might have to wait for sometime, money is tied up and opportunity is lost elsewhere. When would it happen? Only time will tell. Watch!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

UPP - Watch

Someone is hungrily buying up UPP, watch!!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

STI - Dullness

Tonight Dow will not be trading and hence the dullness in STI today. I am staying out.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Biosensor - The Tale Of A Breakout

Biosensor had a breakout today, the price is rising, the public is sucked in, the volume is churning. Well, all these doesn't not matter because it already happened today. On 26th June, instead of posting on my blog, I posted on a forum. I did this for a reason which I won't explain why. I was in and out of Biosensor before and after the breakout as you can see on my trade records which yields me profits. Those who are interested on why it broke out instead of tanking further, you can email me. I will supply you the answer. My answers are short and not lengthy because whatever answers I supply you was how I viewed and traded this stock. I believe simplicity in trading rather than complex and long winded reasoning.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, July 2, 2012

Capitaland - A Small Little Profit

Today marks the day CityIndex raised it's commission from $10 to 0.08%. With that in place, my lot size starts to decrease. Well I am still trying to get use to the new commission thingy because I am too used to probing and enter big lots with $10 commission.

This morning I said that I would not be longing and so thereafter within a few minutes, I shorted Capitaland to test my analysis. It came down and I went to took profits. Although it is only 1 pip, but I did what I preached and that was to short. I will decide my course of action later as I will be busy handling some matters today.

Stephanie, thanks for informing the US holiday thingy! I appreciate it.

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