Thursday, May 31, 2012

ChinaMinZhong - The Amazing Crash

Looking at ChinaMinzhong when I first posted on April 18th, it had crashed amazingly thereafter. So if one shorted, he would be rich. So I when I made my analysis that we won't see 1.68 in the near term again, the BBs just keep putting out shorts in a linear fashion where there was no recovery to the upside.

I am a dilettante in the area of BBs. When I see a report from analysts, I am cautious of their motive. When someone tells me news, I treat all news as bad news. When someone gives me a tip, I listen and put aside. I only trust the charts because it records the footprints of the BBs which is the truth that all matters.

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Noble - Strong

Watch Noble, it's strong in my opinion. Of course, with such a market, don't expect too much. The volatility is something you don't want to mess with. If you can't take swings, the best is stay out and don't trade.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

STI - Reactions

Expect some form of reactions from the market today, it went up with great velocity yesterday. The BBs will have to kill this excitement.

Update 5.19PM, May 30, 2012 

Market reacted towards the end of day.

Update 9.52AM, May 31, 2012  

Market gaped down today after reactions yesterday when I blogged at 8.46am yesterday!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Father of All Big Boys Seminar FULL HOUSE

The seminar for both days (Sat and Sun) are FULL HOUSE. The registration is CLOSED. Thanks for all the support guys. See you next week!

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K Philosophy - Learn To Experience

I was just reading some facebook posts and one post caught my attention. Read the above. This is absolutely well said. Many times, I got people asked me if this price is good or if they should cut loss etc, well, I can't really decide for them because what if I asked them to cut loss and then the price rally afterwards? I am totally liable for it which I don't want. So the best person to decide is yourself since the money is yours. For example if you bought a stock at $1 and it is already 0.8cents, so there is already a 0.2cents unrealized loss, so why bother to ask? If one is willing to take a 0.2 cents loss as a trader, then he is very emotional in his trading and shouldn't be trading at all. Why don't take a very small loss and come back later? That's of course my philosophy and it might be different from others. Of course, if you are a investor, then it's a different story. The best advice I can give is find your own experience, your own timeframe and your own way of trading. I had found mine, it's not perfect but I am improving everyday because I don't know where the limit lies. Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own. In that manner, you can find your own identity and your true self and not depend on others.

It's hard to trade today. The market is volatile and if I am trading, I am intraday trading only. This is my outlook for STI today. Look at Capitaland, I could have took a 3k profits when price went to 2.43/2.44 if I hold it another day but like I say I already liberated myself from money and I am not in the money making mode. It's not how much money I am making, it's about my observation, concentration, focus and skill when it comes to watching and punting the market.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Father of All Big Boys Seminar Update

Due to the super overwhelming response, there is only the Sunday slot left. Even so, not many slots were left on Sunday, so it's either you register it or miss it. The Saturday slots were FULL HOUSE and seats were taken up like hot cakes. So if you are planning to attend, you can do so only on June 10th (Sunday). I just met up with Gill and he told me that there is going to be more surprises in this seminar. I appreciate his thoughts on making this seminar a special one. Gill, I just want to say thank you for all the things you did! Appreciate it with many thanks!

Date: 10 June 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 0930 to 1130
Venue: City Index Asia Pte Ltd 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore 049909
(Next to Raffles Place MRT)

Contact Gill at with the following format.

Subject: Attending RonaldK "The Father of All Big Boys" Seminar

Contents of email: I want to attend RonaldK "The Father of All Big Boys" Seminar. Please kindly register me. I am attending the one on June 10th. Thanks Gill for getting RonaldK once gain to hold a seminar. I appreciate your time and effort.

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Capitaland - A Quick Punt K Time 6

Last Friday, I shorted Capitaland at the day high and just when I thought today I can collect money, things changed and I need to react naturally to market conditions. So in the morning, I cut my Capitaland and lost only commission.. I wasn't willing to wait for the 1 pip drop to 2.42/2.43 because the market had some strong signs.

At 3.19-3.20pm earlier, I shorted Capitaland at the high because I think it was heavy and saturated and within minutes I made a $1k profit. Seriously, I wasn't in the money making money mode or I would have waited a little longer to see. I am actually just continuously testing my K Time theory to see its accuracy. Today is a US holiday, so I am not holding any positions. Good luck trading guys!

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The Father of All Big Boys Seminar

Free The Father of All Big Boys Seminar.

Please send email to register with Gill. 

This seminar will be different from all other seminar as I will be touching on sensitive topics that one won't find in textbooks. The last seminar was a success, but this one is not to be missed. I have already got people booking 3 months back just to come and listen, so if you missed this one, I don't know when I am opening it again. Might be my last one with Cityindex. For those who are registering, you got to thank Gill for his effort and time for organizing one. Without him, there will be no seminar to interact and share, so one must be appreciative for the work he had put in. This is first come first serve, so if all seats are taken up, then there is nothing I can do, so make sure you register fast.

The details of the seminar is as below:

Date:     9-10 June 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time:     0930 to 1130
Venue:       City Index Asia Pte Ltd 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore 049909
(Next to Raffles Place MRT)

Please note, SAT and SUN are the same topics. I am catering for 2 days because the last one was just fully packed with people standing up so I know I need to hold 2 sessions. So find one sessions that suits you, they are the same. If you are attending on June 9th, please indicate it in the email. The same goes for June 10th. Kindly follow simple instructions else you will be giving more work to Gill only. You can bring your friends along, just indicate to Gill their names and email address preferably. 

Contact Gill at with the following format.

Subject: Attending RonaldK "The Father of All Big Boys" Seminar

Contents of email: I want to attend RonaldK "The Father of All Big Boys" Seminar. Please kindly register me. I am attending the one on June 9th. (or June 10th if you can't make it on June 9th) Thanks Gill for getting RonaldK once gain to hold a seminar. I appreciate your time and effort.

Or alternatively you can call at 6826 9974 to register.

Registration online will be much faster than phone. Spaces are limited, so register before seats are taken up.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Capitaland - Big Volume Is Delusional

Yesterday just when I thought I could take a break, I saw something again which caught my attention. Was on the phone with Eng and he witnessed the entire fake volume campaign. He shorted Hang Seng at the high and made some money out of it and I shorted Capitaland because I see some fake campaigns. During the whole process, he witnessed something he won't find in textbox but only from my experience and that was fake big volume to buy up when the BBs real actual motive is to selldown. Now, I know many love to watch volume and use it as one of their arsenal in trading, however for me, I don't watch volume that much. I think it delusional and sometimes it can trick and cost you money. I am faster than any big buy/sell volume before it is done with the exchange. I won't force you to believe it but I have got records to prove and witness who saw it.

My point is very simple, if you want to use volume as one of your trading tools, you got to understand every single fakes/reals volume and how BBs use volume to trick you to buy when they sell. I don't want to put volume down but if there is something that can be faster than volume, that is knowing what the BBs next move is before that volume was done with the exchange. To know that, K Mind comes into picture. It's making intelligent guesses what the BBs next move is before the breakout/breakdown happens. To talk is cheap, however action speaks louder than words and moreover I got a witness. Once again, I will talk about this in my seminar which I repeat, these tactics are something you won't find it books, guaranteed!

Oh one more thing, these days, I don't trade with charts anymore. The charts I posit on my blog is for illustration on the timing of execution. I can use the buy/sell queue on a stock like Capitaland to tell you where is the high for Hang Seng or STI and a stock like noble to tell you where is the market heading next. All these are from my recent observation after taking some losses this week. Those losses I made are really valuable in my learning and knowledge gaining process. I will share my experience where I started speculation with charts, from daily, to min and then gradually to trade without charts. This is the highest form of speculation if one wants to be a speculator. It's just going to be something that you have not heard or seen before. At the end of the seminar, if Ronald K can do it, so can you!

To learn, To gain, To liberate is to free your ambitious mind from winning and learn the art of losing!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pennies - Tanking

Pennies are slowly distributed and soon they will tank! Watch out!

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STI - Out Of Speculation

I am not speculating as I think it's not worth my time to trade now. Yesterday, I saw a turn at 4.59pm, 1 min before the market close and went in 50 lots of YZJ. Today when the market opened, I am not interested in how much money I made or lose, I just want to get out. Look at my trade record, I got out at 9:00:10am which tells you I am not bothered by how much it goes up or comes down. Those who are trading, you can fight the battle, I am letting my brain rest, recharged and shall be back again. Good luck all!

To add on, Mon is a holiday in US, so the best is to stay out.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

STI - Volatility Spikes

The market is having a huge volatility. Unless you know what you are doing, else the best is to stay out and not to trade. Just when you think its going up, it can come down and vice versa. I tested the market with huge lots and real money and lost therefore I know. Believe it or not is up to individual as I have a rough idea where the market is heading and I will have a position when it turns. However before that happens, my advise now is to stay out and watch. Don't trade.

See my trade record for today. Trading a stock like Noble, I know where the market is heading and trading a stock like YZJ, I know how strong/weak the demand is. I planned to share the direction only in my upcoming seminar, so if you really can't wait, email Gill and tell him I need Ronald K asap to hold a seminar.

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Calculated Losses

Yesterday just when I thought the market was about to turn higher, sellers caught me and started to press prices down. I was very alert and took a small loss first. In speculation, I would rather suffer a small loss than to have sleepless night when the US is trading. I received some emails asking me can I buy this or that? I can't really advise or advocate because I never want anyone to lose money. One would need to watch the market closely because the money is yours. My style of trading and my timeframe might be different from you, so the best is to watch yourself and decide whether is it worth to take the risk and enter or stay out.

Sometimes just when you think the market is crashing, it reversed, just take Dow last night as an example! So to my fellow fans, just read my blog with an interest and not necessarily you have to follow my trades.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

STI - Turn

I saw a turn to the upside. Watch and time your entry if you want to go long.

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STI - Impunity

Yesterday after taking profits on my Capitaland, I knew what was going to happen so I decided not to trade and take my day off to spend time with my family. Look at Capitaland, the stock closed at 2.51/2.52 for the day. I could have shorted some stocks, but I decided not too because I am aware that it might not plunged that much, so I am left with no position, which gives me ample rest during the night.

During the day, I was chatting with Chin and Eng. I was happy for Chin because he protected his protects and realized them except maybe a few others. Eng was busy with his own personal stuff however I advise him earlier not to long any stocks at 4pm, because I simply knew the BBs was going to kill all these buying by the public. Some people asked, is it true that whenever there is a breakout, the next day BBs would kill it. My answer is no, there are no two same situation, some days, after the first day of breakout, the second day it continues to trend higher. I can epitomize many examples on that to demonstrate breakouts can be real and it can be fake too. There are simply no 2 same situation in the stock market. If stock market can be calculated, then everyone would not be working. The stock market is simply made up of minds of men with emotion, fear, greed etc, so if one can capitalize on those intangibles with the BBs campaign, he shall be profiting consistently. Of course, the final part is to be patient which I am totally lack of which always cost me money and took lesser profits. Supply and Demand is important, however what I felt most important is to understand the BBs profit taking and short selling process so that when he short you follow, and when he is taking profits, you are taking it with him and so yesterday was just a profit taking day for me and rest.

There is just so much to talked about and it's impossible for me to write it on my blog. It's either I hold a seminar to talk about it or I just keep mum and do my day to day speculation quietly. I am constantly being approached to give seminars by different brokerage house but I reject most of them because of time issues and my other commitment. Now, I am a very busy person because of family, work and my speculation activities, holding a seminar sometimes can be very wearing because of the preparation work behind the scenes which many don't see, but due to continuous persuasion from Gill, I eventually stick back to Cityindex and agreed out of goodwill. I cherished the friendship and working relationship I had with Gill because he did a good job for all my seminars held previously according to my specification. I got to give him and his team credit for that. Without Gill, you won't see me holding seminars because I really prefer to speculate behind the scenes and not going public. We got to thank him for that! I know Gill personally, so the next time if you want a seminar by me and you can't wait, you got to request it from him. Write him an email or call him, he will be more than willing to assist you.

Every seminar, I try to come out with different topics which proved to be very challenging as I don't want to bore the crowd with the same old thing. It's not easy because there is only so much to talk about. But for me, the more challenging the better it is because I want the crowd to go back with something valuable and not waste their time. Like I said previously, I had finished my powerpoint slides and it is going to be something different from all other seminars you had ever attended. So, if you missed it, you are going to prepare to wait for a long time before I might hold another one. Details will be out soon, however I already had people flooding my emails for it. Don't worry guys, I am spanning it over 2 days, so everyone can attend. Just watch my blog space everyday and make sure you register for it once I posted. You can bring your friends along too, just register their name when you register it for yourself.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pennies - Watch Your Positions

I am not bullish on any pennies counters like ChinaFash, JEL, TT Int, etc..Watch your position if you have any! The risk and reward is not there and I wouldn't take any position in pennies now. Pennies have a season and it's definitely not the season now.

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Trade Record - Breakeven

Just when I spotted the K Turn on Friday and thought I would made a lot of money, my losses mounted to 5.6k as of yesterday. I was trading very quietly and in the process I was in a out many times which costed me money. Like I always say, losing money is OK, but never lose confidence. Wealth is of the heart and mind, NOT the pocket!

Yesterday, I lost patience many many times which I think contributed to my losses. In my mind, I already knew what was going to happen but because of fear and patience, I just keep doing silly stuffs. I hate myself for that and I know if I want to make it, I need to change. I need to do swing trades instead of intraday. So today, I am again taking a rest and clear my mind.

Look at my trade record, I lost 5.6k yesterday, and I made back 2.5k from morning today and 3k before market closes yesterday. Well, if I could have more patience, I should have made like 7-8k today if I did not take my Noble and Capitaland trade yesterday. I should have waited it till today since I already spotted the NO Supply and K Turn yesterday and last Friday. I can't blame anyone but only myself.

As for that comment yesterday that said I claim credit, well, I don't claim anything. For what I need to do that? I use my trade record to back up actions, that's even better than talking. Also, to all the anonymous, if you like to flame me, that's fine and I allow that, however put your name down to back up your speech. I will respect you even more. Like the TechnicalAnalysis guy who says STI would reach 2220 at May 15th, he disappeared. I would appreciate if he appear and give his comments. It's strange, I always get flaming but when I back up with my records or when I am right and anonymous is wrong, they disappear. Worse of all, they don't even dare to pen their names down. I respect everyone even all flamers, because everyone makes mistakes. When I make mistakes, I will admit, why can't you? There is nothing to shy about. In my K philosophy, I said: "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them."

Oh one more thing, NO Supply means no one is selling, NOT less selling. Can I say NO money means less money? Or can I say NO discount means less discount? I am already using simple English, but if you don't understand, I can't help it either.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, May 21, 2012

STI - K Turn

On Friday, I saw the bottom for STI, however it was very risky to go long, unless you are fast in and fast out, intraday. I prefer not to post because I know many would follow me and I will have a lot of questions later, like where is the stop loss, where is the target price etc. Today is a better day to long because there were some confirmatory signals when I posted this morning, so if you long, congrats!

Last Friday evening, I was just talking to Eng and I told him no matter what happen to the US in the night be it green or red, on Monday the Dow futures will be bright green and that is where one should go long. If Dow was red last Friday night, it was to facilitate buying for today and that's why when I saw the Dow futures green this morning, I knew I was right again and it was all planned and expected. I will introduce Eng in my seminar and you shall be amazed how much heart he has in trading! I admire his guts but more importantly his willpower.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - No Supply

I believe the level of supply is decreasing as of now. I need to watch it until the end of day.

Update 5.09PM, May 21, 2012    

No supply and the market trended higher!! A much more safer long entry than last Friday.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, May 18, 2012

Capitaland - Understanding The Game

I got to agree last night I did not short and hold any positions overnight. The market had been sold down quite a lot and I am cautious of any technical rebound that might occur. I prefer to trade safe than to trade irrationally. If the situation is unclear, the best is to stay out. Don't trade just because you want to gamble and make money. That's fatal in all speculation. So this morning, when I saw STI gapped down, I knew I still have chance to short, however it must be fast.

In the morning I breached one golden rule and that was chasing after prices which cost me $1.5k. I was upset with myself on breaching this rule and so I stayed patient and watch. At 10.16am, I shorted Capitaland and I added shorts again at 11.12am. As for why I shorted 2 times instead of 1, I had explained it on the attached picture. I knew if I want to make back my losses, I need to be ultra careful and patient because the market is devious with a lot of BBs killing each other. At 11.56am, I reaped all my reward with a $3K profit. Do I feel happy? NO!! I have a saying, it doesn't matter how much money you make, as long as you are in the market, there is a tendency to loss it all. Unless you can firmly say you take all profits and stop trading, then you shall live in peace with no worries.

What I want to emphasize is it doesn't matter how many losses one made, one's confidence need to always be high up there and treat all losses like it shall be the last. I am just like a normal guy like all of you, not rich and just average only, but if I can do it, so can you. Trust yourself and your skill, but more importantly, cultivate patience, have no fear and emotion, that I think will contribute to your overall success.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

NOL - Top Volume

After punting NOL for these 2 days, it is now appearing in Top Volume! How do I know it will appear in Top Volume today?? What did I saw the past 2 days? Did the BBs saw my blog? Are they monitoring me so when I buy they sell to me? I will share in my seminar!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

NOL - Erratic BBs Activity

Yesterday was a super panic sell down in STI and everyone was looking to either short sell or cut losses. It was en masse chaotic. However, one stock caught my attention and that was NOL and I am only looking to long. Mind you, NOL has a strange BB, his activity is very erratic, you better read his moves correctly or you will cut loss like me. Look at my trade record. I first lost $500 bucks and later made back $1.5k. The reason I lost was very simple, because I have fear. If one read my K philosophy page, I said: "Wanting is pain, not wanting is also pain. Even if you got what you want, you are still in pain and suffering. Because once you have got it, you then live in fear of losing it. So how are you ever going to live in peace when you are fear?"

So actually it was very simple, the fear to lose caused my emotion to be triggered and subsequently, I cut loss for nothing. After taking a loss, I was not depressed or upset. I know if I fall 7 times, I will climb up 8 times and so, I remember another quote: "There is no certainty in the market, only feelings. Suffering arises, stays, then passes away. Then happiness replaces suffering - only this. Outside of this, there is nothing. We are lost people running and grabbing at feelings continuously and constantly. Feelings are not real, it only changes."

With that in my mind, I was focused, and the rest was history. So my point is whenever you take a loss or feeling low morale, go to my K philosophy page, it will sort of give you new understanding and light. I know it gives me strength and I believed in it.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

NOL, Noble - K Time 5

K Time will be one of the featured topic in my upcoming seminar. Look at the precision of timing! Less than 1hr, I am able to ride on $1.5k of profits.

I will post the details of the seminar next week. Be fast or seats will be taken up fast! Too many inquiries on my seminar. Be patient guys, you will be able to reserve a seat. Bring your friends along if they are interested. Everybody is welcome.

The "The Father Of All BBs" seminar is FREE. I understand that trading is tough and it's already hard to make money from the market. Furthermore, I don't like taking money from public, so everything is FREE.

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TraditionalAnalysis vs StockMarketMindGames

Can anyone tell me where is 2220 for STI? Its already May 17th today.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Rebound

After posted No More Shorting, the market rebounded today. So if you didn't cover any shorts, your profits is either eroded or you made a little.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Upcoming Seminar - The Father Of All BBs

After much pondering and being asked by many brokerage houses to hold a talk, I decided to hold another seminar. I am still contemplating which brokerage house should I select. The last seminar was a success and I felt really bad because many wanted to attend but was either rejected or  because it was full house as there were no seats. I remember the room was huge, but the crowd was even larger and many had to stand up. This time round, you can expect even more crowd and I need to arrange it systematically so that everyone is able to sit down comfortably and listen. Everybody is welcomed and I am holding it for 2 days, so if one cannot make it on a Sat, they can opt to come on a Sun.

I had finished prepared the powerpoint slides and the contents I am going to deliver will mesmerize you. It took me sometime to think of what I want to talk and deliver and I am proud to tell you that it's something that you had never heard or experienced before. After the seminar, you will go like, "huh, like that also can?" I am showing an art, an art that can cost you tens and hundreds of thousands to learn which I don't think many would understand and have the confident or courage to say that "oh, so this is how the BBs manipulate the market." You can continue to use traditional stuff like vol, indicators, price action, trends, but I am sure you won't be consistently making profits like I do and have the confidence to execute big lots.

I shan't say more until that day comes. Please register once you see me posting the details on my blog. It's first come first serve basis. Come or regret.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

STI - No More Shorting

I AM NOT SHORTING ANYMORE!! Watch your shorts if any!

Update 5.12PM, May 16, 2012   

We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Overly Excitement

Yesterday at 7.39am, I was so confident and I told everyone of a rebound and well it happened. I don't know how many bought at the low but I knew I wasn't interested in that rebound even though there was money to be made. And so I took a break in trading and enjoy my day. Late morning a friend of mine SMSed me and asked if it is ready to long? I replied him No. Why so? Because I knew many would be buying because of rising price, and all these excitement will be soured by today. The BBs are smart people and I think like them. Just when you thought you are going to make money, they will kill this excitement, of course unless you took your profits yesterday.

In the evening I had a chat with Eng and I asked him the question, "You see, I can predict a rebound, how come I am not interested in making money?" He couldn't answer and I told him, it's very simple, it's just short covering with some buying. What I am waiting for is a big one where the market will plunge accordingly using my K theory. The public will always commit the same mistake and I will sit back, watch and time my entry.

So today, you can expect reactions . Those who bought at day high, You are on your toes. I might or might not trade today but I know I shall watch until it turns.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

STI - No Position

I believe many shorted towards the end of closing yesterday because they expect the Dow to close very red last night, however I was cautious not to take any positions because I saw a very attractive buying level which could contribute a rebound which might erode any profits I might have if I shorted. So today, watch your shorts position. Expect of a swarm of short coverings.

Update 5.44PM, May 15, 2012  

Market rebounded accordingly to my prediction. I was not in any position as I took a break in trading and wasn't watching the market.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Monday, May 14, 2012

Capitaland - A Safe Short

I wasn't watching Capitaland until my friend alerted me. I looked into the minute chart and at 4.17pm, I finally saw light that it was ready to go down lower. One can short at the high at 2.74 or 2.72, but the waiting process is a challenge as sometimes it might play with your emotion. I prefer a safer short at 2.69 where there after the stock just tanked down within minutes.

I could have caught the high to short this counter if I am observant enough but I was too engrossed with other counters like GLP and CMA. Sometimes, shorting at the high doesn't necessarily mean it's a good short, but shorting when it's about to tank down is a safer and more calculated short. In that manner, it reduces many emotional factors during the waiting process.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

CapMallsAsia - K Time 4

Today, I stated a rebound will happen. However only 1 stock caught my attention and that is CapMallsAsia. Actually, this stock was already in my watchlist and I already punted 200lots last Friday, however, it did not move. I was telling my friend that this stock will be moving in the next 1-2 days and today it finally showed signs of buying up. At 9.02am, I received an email on Kepcorp as why is it keep tanking, so I said just watch CMA as it is strong imo. After posting, the stock rebounded. Again, I got the timing right on the spot.

I got to admit last week, I cut some losses on CMA as I got the timing wrong. But I was so certain that today it will rebound and go or I wouldn't alert to watch CMA at 9.02am. Now, I am very frustrated with myself because I took my profits too early. Although I don't know where is the high, but I knew 1.43 would not be the final price for CMA when I took profit. Now you see, if you have skills but no patience, you will only make kopi money, but if you got average skills but patience, you will be rich one day. So to conclude, patience is more important than skills or anything else!

For those who made money off CMA, share your joy in the comments section. I believe I alerted some of you who take the time to email and asked me questions.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

STI - Technical Rebound

The market is always full of surprises and the condition just gets trickier. Looking at the STI chart last friday, I saw some panic selling which might provide a boost for a technical rebound. I am looking to long instead of short however at the same time, I am cautious and mindful of any emerging supply.

Update 5.02PM, May 14, 2012    

There was a rebound to long counters like CMA and true enough there was supply to flush out all!

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wilmar - Accumulation or Distribution

Many people emailed me and alert me to watch Wilmar yesterday. Yeap, I saw it yesterday, it was a huge gap down. However, it was nothing to be surprised of because I already spotted in April 2-3rd when one of my fan asked me the question on whether Wilmar was in accumulation or not. I told him there was no accumulation because from my experience and analysis, I don't see any. My eyes is like a radar, I scan stocks for high probability breakouts/breakdowns. I am sensitive to market conditions and before a stock is about to breakout/breakdown, it shall already be in my watchlist.

Most people would take a long horizontal period as accumulation as they thought BBs are buying. However to differentiate between accumulation and distribution is not so simple. There are far more to it. It's hard for me to explain it here because I could write an essay on it and it's going to take hours and days. But my point is a long period of horizontal lines doesn't necessarily mean accumulation, it could mean distribution too. So if you got it wrong, you shall get emotional rides and pay the price.

Obviously, Wilmar tantamount to distribution as opposed to accumulation, so when I saw it in early April, I knew the time would come and all I need is just time my entry as close as before it was about to breakdown. I am a speculator in nature and I see things far ahead so my job is to time my entry closely before the breakdown happens to avoid any emotional rides. Wilmar slammed to the floor hard yesterday and for it to go up again, it would require a lot of effort to sustain the selling pressure. So good luck to those who longed.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator